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XRay T4 Touring Car

All New XRay T4 Touring Car

XRay T4 Touring Car
The good folks over at XRay have just announced their all new T4 Touring Car. The latest and greatest from XRay has been a long time in development, but now it is finally here for your driving pleasure. There is an enormous list of features and specs on the new T4, here are some of the highlights-

* All-new T4 platform
* Improved chassis flex
* Improved traction
* Improved weight balance
* Improved steering
* Improved center of gravity
* All new top deck
* All-new servo saver
* All new chassis design
* All new anti-roll bars
* All new rear uprights
* All new super low shock towers
* All new front lower bumper mounts
* All new composite hubs for bulkheads
* All new Super Low Profile (SLP) aluminum shocks
* All new low profile foam bumper
* All new Super Short Shock Springs (4S)
* All new redesigned and re-engineered bulkheads
* All new unique super low profile tweak-free motor mount
* All new upper bulkhead clamps
* All new updated alu lower suspension holder
* All new steering system
* All new tweak-free servo mount

If you are looking for a rolling work of art, the new XRay T4 should be right up your alley. Hit up this LINK for the official webpage of the new XRay T4.

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