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Hot Racing Aluminum A-Arms

Aluminum Upgrades for Dromida Series Vehicles from Hot Racing

Hot Racing Aluminum A-ArmsThe Dromida line-up of 18th scalers from Hobbico have really taken off in the last year, and for good reason, they are affordable and fun to drive. To help make your Dromida the best it can be, Hot Racing has released a full set of Aluminum Upgrades for the BX4.18 buggy, MT4.18 monster truck, and SC4.18 short course truck. Made from high quality aluminum, the parts are anodized in Hot Racing’s signature shade of orange. Their upgrade parts include-

* DMD1403- aluminum top late
* DMD12503- aluminum center drive shafts
* DMD62DP03- 62mm long shocks
* DMD5503- aluminum a-arms
* DMD1903- aluminum c-hubs
* DMD2103- aluminum knuckles
* DMD2203- aluminum rear hubs

These are available right now with prices ranging from $16 to $18. Click Right Here for more details over on Hot Racing’s website.

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