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Amazon AWS DeepRacer

Amazon Drops The AWS DeepRacer!!!

That’s right folks, the giant on-line retailer Amazon has announced the all new AWS DeepRacer! What exactly is the AWS DeepRacer? Well, it is not a traditional rc car like we are used to, instead the DeepRacer is aimed at young developers. The DeepRacer is Fully Autonomous and is the perfect way for aspiring developers to hit the ground running with machine learning. Here are some of the highlights-

* Driven by “reinforcement learning”, 3D simulator, and global racing league
* League- Worlds first global autonomous racing league with prizes
* Simulator- You can build models in Amazon SageMaker to train and test
* Available for pre-order right now
* Intel Atom processor
* 4 megapixel camera with 1080p resolution
* Connects to WiFi
* Heat map to detect obstacles

Introductory pricing for the DeepRacer is $249 and it is expected to start shipping in March. Use this link for full details on the Amazon AWS DeepRacer.

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