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wheelie king

Amphibious R/C Monster!

wheelie king

 Ever wondered what it would be like to be able to go from land to water without any problems? Well I have the answer, an amphibious HPI wheely king! The wheely king is perfect for this build; it’s straight axles, four wheel drive, and chassis mounted steering means that only a few minor modifications need to be made. Keep reading to find out what we did.

wheelie king The truck will float just like a real monster truck all you have to do is seal the tires, use a light 2cell lipo, and remove the rear swaybar. To seal the tires you will need some silicone or any type of sealant that will remain soft after drying. The tires hold enough air when sealed that they will have no problem supporting the truck in water. I recomend that you flip the tires around so that they are ran in reverse because it improves the traction in water.

Its not required but it is smart to remove the rear sway bar because it lets the suspension work better so you wont have problems climbing out of the water. To complete my build I went ahead and made the truck waterproof just incase I happened to roll it in the water. The truck will rock forward and reverse a lot from the torque and it is possible to roll it in the water(youtube video here). Its a lot of fun the first time you drive an rc straight into water and keep going. I mean of course we’ve all seen the videos where people drown their cars and drive under water but wheres the fun in that? It’s more fun to ride across the top(Land to water video) This could be the start of something big, who knows maybe HPI will come out with the first amphibious rc car… But thats just wishfull thinking.

Painted black for looks.

Have fun, go out there and get wet!

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Posted by in HPI Racing on Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 at 1:08 pm