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Anki Drive Hits Apples WWDC


We saw our first glimpse of the Anki Drive vehicles and track at the Apple WWDC this week, and I have to say it has us drooling a little. Looking past the hiccup they had during the live demo, it’s close to a dream. Anki is a company with a much bigger goal in mind, they have some long term robotics stuff they want to do, but to get them rolling they have produced some serious AI and are controlling cars around a track that you can actually race. The part that has us wanting more, is if they can just expand this technology to other platforms. Think about it.. if your local Mini Z track suddenly was full of AI opponents, some good, some bad, some that drive dirty. If you just wanted to get some practice in at home, and you want to work on overtaking people, or avoiding traffic, this would be awesome.. then if it went to bigger scales.. imagine your local on road track with a few ‘track vehicles’ that you could race against on slow days.. takes 4 to make a class, and your short one? No problem, lets just set this guy to the speed of the fastest qualifier. Go!

Yes Please! For more information you can check the official Anki Website Here.

Check out the video below, and just imagine Mini Z’s doing this in your basement!

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Posted by in miscellaneous on Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 at 11:49 pm