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ARC A10-25 Touring Car Kit

ARC 1/10 A10-25 Touring Car Kit

Just announced by ARC is the 1/10 A10-25 Touring Car Kit. This speedy race machine comes loaded with carbon fiber bits and has been updated to increase durability and adjustability. Check out these highlights-

* Updated suspension, lower arms, bulkheads, & motor mount
* 2.25mm carbon fiber chassis
* 2mm longer lower arms
* Lowered bulkheads to improve corner speed
* Fully adjustable upper arms
* Unique aluminum single point shock towers
* New rear active shock mount
* 7075 aluminum steering blocks
* New front double joint CVDs
* Low profile anti-roll bar
* Durable Kevlar belts

Use this link to get more details on the ARC A10-25 Touring Car Kit, or Click This Link to get more ARC news on Big Squid RC.


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