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ARC RC 8th R8.4E Kit

ARC Announces 1/8 R8.4EL & R8.4ES On-Road Kits

Recently announced by ARC are the 1/8 R8.4EL & R8.4ES On-Road Kits. These high-end race machines are highly updated for more speed and durability. Check out these highlights-

* Two versions available
* EL and ES versions differ via transmission & battery layouts
* 5mm carbon fiber chassis
* EL version can run shorty or regular batties
* ES version set-up just for shorty style packs
* Adjustable suspension arm length
* New motor bulkhead
* 3 belt transmission system
* Adjustable uprights
* Optional wheel discs
* All new big bore shocks

You can use this link to get more details on the ARC 1/8 R8.4EL & R8.4ES Kits, or you can Click This Link to get more ARC news on Big Squid.


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Posted by in New Products on Tuesday, September 5th, 2023 at 10:43 am