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ARC R11 2016 Touring Car

ARC R11 2016 Touring Car

What is the latest high-end touring car to hit the market? That would be the R11 2016 from ARC. The designers at ARC set out to lower the center of gravity while centralizing mass on the R11, making it easy (and fast) on a variety of different track conditions.

* Motor moved 4mm inward
* Widened lower chassis for less flex
* Bulkheads mounted 1mm inward
* Shock towers have been lowered
* Front spool & rear diff lowered by 1.8mm
* Highest grade 7075 aluminum
* Aluminum parts now in satin black
* New big bore shocks
* New one piece mono-block motor mount
* Aluminum parts now keyed to the chassis
* New sway bar mounting system
* New lighter floating steering mount
* Standard dual joint front CVDs

The R11 is priced at 399 € and more details can be found over on the ARC Website.

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