For Bashers, By Bashers!

Are We Live? YEA!!!

Holy !@#$ look what we did! Here you have probably been thinking.. geez, what’s with the slackers over at Big Squid RC! Well.. this. All of this! We have been working like crazy over the last few weeks putting the new site together! The new look has been needed for a while, the load times should be faster, the archives are now searchable, we have a bunch of new areas, and the new format will make it easier and faster for us to bring you the news you want to see!

We still have a LONG way to go. Our near future plans are to finish converting over all the old web page sections.. (this is no easy task!) as well as bringing over most of the old news archives! This is going to be a nightmare. Were talking nearly 4 years of news! So no guarantee’s on how long that’s going to take!

There will probably be a few unforeseen kinks in the road ahead, but we believe all the work is for a brighter future for Big Squid RC! Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, post it everywhere you have ever gone! It’s going to be a wild ride, and we are glad you are along for the fun!

President – Big Squid RC

PS: To celebrate the new site and our excitement, the first person to email me with the Movie/Show/People the title of this post is from(that I’m thinking of) will get a FREE sticker set of their choice! Good luck! Try not to google! (It won’t be much help anyway)

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