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ares chronos

Ares RC Chronos CX 75 Nano Micro RTF Heli

ares chronos ares chronos

Ares RC has sent some info on their new helicopters called the Chronos CX 75. It’s a Nano-Micro Heli that sounds like it has us bashers in mind. It’s RTF (Ready to Fly) out of the box, and is designed to be durable so anyone can learn to fly it. It comes with the batteries you need, a 2.4GHz radio, and is ready to fly in minutes.

We just got our hands on one of these, so look for a review coming very soon. Anyone can fly huh? Maybe I should hand it to Cubby!

The Ares line is a HobbyTown exclusive, so you will need to head there to pick one up, or buy it online.
Check out the Ares RC website for more info!


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Posted by in Ares RC, rc helicopter on Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 at 12:34 pm