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Around the Office – Christmas Recovery Edition

Normally everyone is tuning in for the Monday Morning Cub Report, but he’s still on his way back from some tropical island where he likes to recharge his internal batteries, so your stuck with me. I thought I’d take a moment to let you know what’s been up around here.
Last week I had a post talking about some behind the scenes work, and to please ignore any dust.. we thought that would just be a simple precautionary post, it turned out we did break a few things behind the scenes last week. So if you noticed images and areas not loading.. our bad. Sorry about that. It all sort of started when our ISP pulled the plug for excessive traffic one Friday night! Wrench (aka Bill) and I were at our new favorite track.. RaceWorld Raceway! This place rocks! If you are ANYWHERE near the Indiana, Illinois (Chicago) boarder, you should really check this place out. Everyone there is very friendly, their hours of operation are AWESOME (they are ALWAYS open) and they don’t seem to cater to any local stuck up racers like the other tracks. If you are looking for a place to hit the track this winter, you have to check them out!
Anyway back to the story, Wrench and I were getting in some laps testing out two new stadium trucks, the DuraTrax Brushless Evader and the Thunder Tiger ST, when my phone starts blowing up. The site was down. It’s about 11pm so I get on the phone to our ISP. They pulled the plug. They said our traffic was WAY over the top and for us to get the site back up we’d have to change to a new plan, new private faster server, and a new bill. 5X more a month!! And they would not turn the site back on till we paid. Talk about extortion! The site needs to be up! At 3AM we started transferring to our new bigger/faster servers. The site was up and running again and looking normal about 7am.
Jeff and I started decided to take the opportunity with the new faster machine to tweak some stuff and try and make things better/faster for our visitors. That’s when we started to break stuff. It all came down to some really buggy software we had running on the back end. After several days of attempts to fix it, I lost my mind and just started deleting it. (Ask Jeff… he was a little freaked out). I deleted anything that had to do with the buggy software. As a result.. we seem to be running MUCH faster! Hopefully you guys can tell a difference.
In other news, everyone seemed to enjoy our 20 days of Christmas! We got to give away a TON of stuff, and make people happy! Always our goal! There are more contests on the way.

Thanks again for all your support this year! We have a very busy and bright 2012 in the works!

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Posted by in Around the Office on Monday, December 26th, 2011 at 12:28 pm