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ARRMA Fazon Unboxing

ARRMA Fazon BLX Monster Truck Unboxing!

Take a look folks, here is the new Fazon BLX Monster Truck from ARRMA. So what is the scoop on the Fazon? It is based off the popular Nero platform but has some small tweaks to make it more suitable for on-road bashing. The Fazon comes stock with an adjustable wheelie bar, more street oriented tires, and some aero tweaks for all you guys that are into speed runs or just like to bash on pavement.

Below you’ll find pictures of what it looks like to bust open the box on a new Fazon. Inside the box you’ll find the truck, a Tactic radio, and complete instructions. Like the Nero, the Fazon has a big, gnarly BLX brushless system, laydown shocks, and Smart Brain remote locking diffs. Enjoy the unboxing pictures and our full review will go up any time now.

The Fazon sports a part number of #AR106020 and you can visit the official ARRMA website by hitting This Link.

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