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ARRMA Granite BLX Bash Vehicle of the Year

ARRMA GRANITE BLX Named BigSquidRC “Basher of the Year”

ARRMA Granite BLX Bash Vehicle of the YearYou regular readers already know that we named the ARRMA Granite BLX as our 2013 Bash Vehicle of the Year. Yesterday the good folks over at Hobbico shot out a press release to showcase the fact that the Granite had won the prestigious title.

The Granite BLX is a very impressive vehicle, so much so that we thought it was the best bash oriented vehicle put out last year. It loves to jump, has loads of power, and is a great machine to have fun with in the backyard. To read our full review hit up This Link, and to check out the Granite BLX on the official ARRMA website simply click Here.

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Posted by in ARRMA RC, Big Squid RC on Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 at 12:29 pm