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ARRMA Granite

ARRMA Granite Unboxing Pictures

ARRMA Granite

During our Forum Chat Night Evan was posting pictures of the ARRMA Granite 1/10th scale rc Monster Truck unboxing live for everyone to see. This was pretty cool because people could ask for different angles, or questions about the truck live, and he was giving them the answers right there. Thought we’d post the pics here to the front page for everyone to see. Some interesting things to note, the body and a few other parts do look different than when we got a preview of the truck at iHobby Expo. You can also head over to the insane forum thread we had, where the live unboxing happened. (along with a lot of other stuff!)

Make sure to hit the site for more vehicle details if needed.

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Posted by in ARRMA RC, Unboxing on Thursday, February 16th, 2012 at 1:07 am