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ASK Cub Reporter- 01.05.2012- Sling’n The Answers


Hi, i just got an ECX Torment and was wondering what your review was of it. also i was at the 2011 IHobby show in Chicago IL, and saw your onboard camera set up. i was wondering where i could get something like that.
Justin F.

Cubby– Yo hey Justin, click HERE for our full ECX Torment Review. Since then we’ve put hundreds of packs through our test unit with very few issues. We’ve broken a few more outdrives, stripped a few more spurs, but overall we’ve had very few issues with our test unit. Congrats on you getting one, remember to drive it like you stole it for maximum fun. 🙂

About our on-board real time FPV/Track Drone set-up that we used at iHobby…. here’s the scoop- the owner of BigSquid is a former “big cheese” and “award winning” video game designer guy. The set-up we used at iHobby had been in the works for quite some time, yet was still quite rigged. But… we have been working with a number of companies to try and get a real solution to market. We have certain cost and performance perimeters that must be met, and we’ve yet to be able to meet them. I would highly doubt BSRC will be the first to the market with a good solid solution to the problems that currently exist with that format, but who knows.

Anywhos… to actually answer your question… what we ran at iHobby isn’t currently available, but should be in the coming months. Nobody makes an FPV set-up that allows you to drive your car from a monitor (in real time) from a steering wheel/gas pedal/brake pedal combo. But give it time, it’s the next “big thing”, the days of driving from the side with a pistol grip radio are numbered.

Do you guys have a Traxxas XO-1? Were is youre review at?
Marky Mark D.

Cubby– Nope, we don’t have a XO-1, but we’ve been told we are on the “list to get one”. I didn’t even know we were still on speaking terms with Traxxas. LOL. Brian says it’s ‘on it’s way’

So where is our review at? I’d say it’s gonna be a while, probably a longgggg while. We’ll probably get ours a month after they’ve already been in consumer hands. Just say’n…

Hello Cubby, love BigSquid.
I just exploded a bearing on the VXL motor in my Slash. Is my motor trash now? Is there any cheap way of fixing it, I don’t have a lot to spend here.

Bobby V.

Cubby– Hey now Bobby, thanks for the email.

Is the VXL motor in your Slash trash? Nope, certainly not. Well, at least probably not. LOL. As long as you “just” have a bad bearing, and the guts of your blown bearing didn’t destroy your rotor or windings you should be good.

Is there a cheap way out? Yup, simply replace the bearings in your VXL motor. Does $13 sound better than buying a new motor? I bet it does. HERE is the link to Tower Hobbies for the Traxxas VXL 3500 kv rebuild kit. The rebuild kit costs less than $15 and comes with two new bearings and new bushings. Follow the included instructions to the letter and you will be dialed on the cheap. Oh and yes, you are welcome. 🙂

Oh and, even if your bearings aren’t blown in your VXL, it’s just a matter of time, so HINT HINT guys, you might wanna keep one of those rebuild kits in your pit box…

That’s it for this week ya freaks, submit your questions, comments, and whatever else is running through that demented brain of yours to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

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