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ASK Cub Reporter- 02.07.2012- Even More Questions, Even Less Answers


Novak Timbuk2 Wraith Ed.

Just got an Axial Wraith RTR and was wondering if you guys have tested or reviewed the Novak Timbuk2 Wraith Edition?? Some of the crawler forums out there are saying that the Novaks are junk and to stay away. What do you guys think of this system, and Novak in general.


Cubby– Hey what’s up Kale, and thanks for the email.

So… is the Novak Timbuk2 junk and should you stay away? I have not personally used one, so I will not say one way or the other.

What do we think of Novak in general? Pretty much like any speedo manufacture they have had a few issues over the years, but the majority of their product has worked fine. We tested a couple of their systems last year and both worked flawlessly.

Btw… I think too few people realize that the “perfect” system for one person may be much different than the perfect system for another. You see on forums all the time that one guy will argue “brand X” is far and away the best, which it might very well be for him, but nobody mentions that “brand Y” might very well be a better system for the masses. What I’m trying to say is don’t put too much weight into what you read on forums (or anywhere on the net for that matter, including BSRC), first hand experience is certainly the best way to go. In the case of the Novak Timbuk2 Wraith Edition that might mean you’ll have to spend your cash and try it for yourself, but hopefully you can get lucky and pull trigger on it at a local rc crawling spot. Either way, if you get one shoot us an email and let us know how it worked out for ya.

Cub is biased
When you review cheap lipos you always use smaller mah packs that make them look weak when compared to over priced batteries name brand batteries. All your battery reviews are biased and you should use bigger packs to make things equal.
Billy t.

Cubby– Hey Billy thanks for the email.

Why am I so biased? I believe in the old adage “If someone says you should trust them, that’s when you run!”. So I am not going to say I am not biased (and expect anyone to believe me). LOL. However, our entire crew goes to great lengths to be as unbiased as we possibly can be. Trust is something earned, not given. If I haven’t (or if BigSquid as a whole) earned your trust, just keep on reading and perhaps someday you will believe what we say. Or, if we never earn your trust, so be it, this is America, you can believe what ya want. 🙂

Why do we test small capacity “cheap” Lipo’s? We get our batteries two ways for reviews- the manufactures send us packs, or we go out and buy them. In the case the manufacture sends us a pack, we review what they send us. In the case we have to buy packs we purchase the best available. As you are probably aware, a manufacture may sell a 7000 mah 200C, but if they are out of stock we can’t test it. If the best pack they have in stock is a 4000 mah 15C that’s what we review. Simple as that.

Btw Billy, in case you missed it check out our 4S Lipo Shootout . The pack with the largest capacity didn’t take the overall win, neither did the pack with the highest “C” rate, and neither did the most expensive pack. But even then, the overall winner of our shootout may not be the best pack for you. Everyone is different and has different priorities. I’ve always encouraged people that read our shootouts, to omit the categories you don’t care about, and total up your own custom winner. For instance, you may only care about voltage under load, in that case the Thunder Power would be the pack you want. Or you may only care about price, in that case the Turnigy would be your winner.

Peace and love, peace and love…. LOL

That’s it for this week ya’ll, shoot me your questions, comments, meltdowns, etc to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

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