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Bigsquid is now a racer sight? You guys used to be so cool, now you’ve lost your F@#$##@ minds!!!! I’ll never be back again @$$ho1es.

Cubby– Each year gets more amazing to me. April Fools comes every single year on April 1st, and every single year we post crazy stuff just for kicks (like THIS). Yet… every year we get 50 emails like this one. “Facepalm”.

So Russell, I know you aren’t reading this because you have apparently put us on your perm-a-ban list, but if you should just happen to stumble across this edition of ASK Cubby-> April Fools, we are back to full force bashing only. The only way BSRC has ever been, the only way it will ever be.

Injury during marshalling article

My name is Todd Anderson and I am the owner of RC Excitement in Massachusetts and just today finally decided and posted about no longer running 1/8th Scale on our Indoor Off Road Track.

Can you please send me a link to the article that was written on Big Squid about the marshal (Trent Dill I believe) that was hit in the face by an 1/8th scale. I’m hoping to use your article to make people understand why I’m so concerned and will no longer be allowing them inside. We will still be running them on our outdoor track where marshals have more room to be out of the way, or at least have a shot at getting away, but like the article says why wait until someone gets killed.
Thank you,

Cubby– Yo Todd, Brian forwarded your email over to me. Hit him up again for a free BigSquidRC t-shirt, you just won “letter of the month”.

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. And… 8th scale buggies don’t try to hit people, sometimes there are some real idiots driving them with wayyy too much power and wayyy too little skill (or common sense) and they accidentally get wayyy out of control. And ya, getting smacked in the shin (or face) with a AE B4 or Losi 22 might sting, but getting hit by an 8th scale buggy is a completely different level of freak’n hurt.

For those of you that might not have read my rant about how dangerous it can be to marshal 8th scalers, HERE is the link. I was quite pissed when a friend of mine got tore up after get’n smoked in the face with an 8th scale while mashalling, so I went off on one of my patented rants. Click on the link to see the fairly gruesome pics of what a human face looks like after getting slammed with an 8th scale truggy.

I wrote that about 3 years ago, has anything changed for marshals since then? Nope, nada, not a dern thing. Not that I expected anything to change, if there is one thing that is consistent about rc racing its people bitching there aren’t enough marshals. But… yet every year I see and hear more stories about marshals getting hurt. This is flip’n toy rc racing people, there isn’t a reason in the world for anyone to ever, and I mean EVER, get hurt. But at nearly any track you’ve always got “those couple of guys” that are running 10 times more power than they could ever keep between the pipes and even though they are all over the place they STILL don’t let off the gas.

To you Todd, I won’t commend you for leaving the 8th scalers for the outdoors where the marshals have a bit more room to dodge bullets, I will however commend you on doing what you believe is best for YOUR track. Too many track owners are slaves to the 10 hardcore guys that eat/sleep/live at their track, it’s refreshing to see a track owner doing what he believes is right, even if it might torque off some people.

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