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ASK Cub Reporter- 04.14.2011- You Guys Shoot Us Questions, It’s A Stretch Saying I Actually Answer Them


Brian, Does anybody make a LCG Chassis for the Slash 4X4 ? Thanks’
Ed G.

Cubby– Sorry Ed but Brian is in Switzerland pricing a new Hublot Big Bang so you’ll have to suffice with an answer from me.

Let me answer your question with a question- is there truly a need for a low center of gravity chassis for the Slash 4×4? The Slash 4×4 is a very competitive truck on anything but the highest bite of surfaces. So… if someone is such a good driver that the TRX chassis is the biggest thing keeping them from winning, I think they’d already be get’n paid to race a platform for some other company. Just say’n….

But ok, I do understand a big part of our hobby is hopping up our babies just for the sake of putting the best on it. So… to truly answer your question- nope, I’m not aware of anyone (outside of a small garage shop) making an LCG chassis for the Traxxas Slash 4×4. A couple companies (including STRC) have been rumored to be working on one, but none of the big hitters have stepped up to the plate yet. So might I suggest making one yourself? It’ll be a one-off and way-super-dope. Oh and, be sure and shoot us pics if you tackle the project.

Lastly… I hear our review of the STRC LCG chassis for the 2wd Slash is almost done. Brian and Wrench have been bashing one for a while now, I can’t wait to read what they think of it.

Dear Webmaster,
I recently discovered your page here:

I wanted to let you know that the “Venom Racing” link on your site points to a website ( that is no longer working.

Would you please consider replacing it with a link to my website called @#$ Where you will find information on exciting hobbies like RC toys and more. If you think it would be of use to your visitors, would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page.

Here is the HTML link you could add:
a href=” http:// www.@#$ “> @#$
Joel H.

Cubby– Joel, thank you SO much for proof reading our website. Unfortunately you missed about 5 thousand other errors we have made, so if you would please continue to help us clean up our site it would be appreciated. Once you have found every error on our site we’ll post a link back to yours. Thanks!

And yes, I have to totally admit we screwed up the Venom link, their website is actually Good group of guys over there, support them when you can.

Hey Cubby,

Wow, I’m quite surprised about the buy-out. I had mixed feelings about it when I first read the post. Usually when we hear about a buy-out, we think corporate merger, sell-out, monopolizing, buying out the little guy and individuality goes out the door. So I was a little concerned about the buy-out because I love the grass roots vibe of BSRC and I’m hoping that vibe doesn’t go away.
On the other hand, I am happy for the BSRC crew because now you guys have more funding to put out a better product and if everyone gets to keep their jobs and continue on as they normally do, then that IS a good thing.
Here’s to a bright future ahead.

Cubby– Thanks for the email Joe, always cool hear’n from ya. By now I’m sure you’ve seen that post was totally an April fools thing. But… Brian has gotten offers before, and thankfully never batted an eye before declining them. Honestly there is no reason to accept now (or ever), thanks to you guys BSRC keeps getting bigger each month. But even if it was getting smaller, at least we’d still be having a blast and reporting things as we see them- no matter how on, or off, the mark that may be.

About the grassroots thing, a LOT of that has to be contributed to the guy we call “Wrench” around here. His real name is Bill, and he’s the guy single handedly responsible for reminding us that BSRC is “By Bashers For Bashers” on a daily basis. Bill/Wrench is a true basher- he likes driving his cars, likes working on them, but Loves Breaking them. He’s not about lap times, not about owning a fancy transmitter, not about cleaning his truck after every run, not about posting everything he does on a forum, to boil it down, Bill “gets” what this hobby is all about, having fun!

I work within the industry so my sense of perspective is screwed as it concerns a truly average consumer, and Brian keeps getting deeper and deeper into the industry side, so that skews his views as well. Luckily for the both of us Bill smacks us on the head from time to time (with an 8th scale nitro truggy) to get our perspectives back in whack.

So while you may not read much directly from or about this mysterious “Bill/Wrench” character, let it be known that he’s perhaps the most important part of the show around here and the guy most responsible for the grass roots vibe.

Shoot us your comments, questions and other riff raff to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

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