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ASK Cub Reporter, 05.04.2012- You Write the Questions, I Make Up the Answers


1/8th truggy
Can u tell me who makes a 1/8th truggy. Kit roller rtr does not matter just wanted to know who has them.
Matt N.

Cubby– Can I tell you who which companies make 8th scale truggy’s? Of course I can, but will I? I don’t see that happening. You see there is this little thing called “Bing”, it’s a search engine that actually works quite well. Simply go to the “Bing” website and enter “1/8th truggy” and you get just over 130,000 search results. Try it sometime, I think you’ll dig it. Btw, “Bing” works on all sorts of other questions as well, I kid you not.

Or… if you are actually looking to buy a truggy you can go to the Tower Hobbies website and enter “truggy” into their search box. There you’ll find all sorts of truggy’s, from Associated to HPI to Hot Bodies to Mugen to OFNA, I think you’ll find one to do whatever your non-search-engine-using-brain desires. Btw Matt, I must say I can’t condone buying a truggy as they fall into the Martian category of rc vehicles that I hope falls off the face of the Earth.

Hey Bigsquid RC, Love the site, And the reviews are great! I recently purchased a Futaba 4pl Radio after reading your review, and was curious about one thing, Does your power button “wiggle” Mine feels awful loose, and I was curious is this was a widespread issue, all of my RC buddies have spektrum or i’d ask them. I’d appreciate it if you’d get back to me! Keep the awesome reviews and news coming!

Dave “The Ladies Man”

Cubby– What’s up Dave and thanks for the props. How’s the lady hunt’n been going? I can’t tell from your email, but if you just happen to live in Ohio maybe you or one of our other readers can get us the hook up on some lovely ladies to work the BSRC booth while we are in Cleveland. All they gotta do is stand around and look hot, rc knowledge is a plus, but definitely not required.

We’ve been using our Futaba 4PL on a weekly basis for months now. Most recently we used it to pilot our Axial EXO and I gotta say we dig the radio as much today as we did back when the review was posted.

So… does the power switch on our 4PL “wiggle” or have a bunch of play in it? No, ours does not, if anything ours feels a bit on the tight side. Although… you gotta remember our 4PL has been knocked off tables, drivers stands, house decks, and when I leave the track for the day I literally toss it (read- throw it overhand style) into my truck. Ours has certainly had a brutal life, perhaps one of our “drop tests” made our power switch a bit harder to turn on and off than most.

Ok, listen up ya knuckleheads, we’ve decided to up the ante a bit for our “ASK Cubby” column.

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