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Does it bother anyone else at big squid that a majority of basher approved trucks aren’t sold anymore?
Jamie B.

Cubby– Now this is an example of a question I like, right to the point, no fluff.

After asking all the guys around the office, no, it does not bother us, not a single one of us. Why doesn’t it bother us? Because “Basher Approved” means a lot to us, only the products that are the best of the best get basher approved. If we test 50 products and only one impresses us enough to be basher approved, then so be it, we are not going to lower our standards simply to have more products listed.

Btw… we’ve had multiple manufactures ask to “buy” our basher approval on certain products, we have had to kindly explain it’s not for sale, it can only be earned. So… to boil it down, don’t hold your breathe expecting our basher approved list to explode anytime soon, but thanks so very much for your concern.

Seen this?
Hahahaha! Have you read the latest issue of Driver? All you internet wise guys got your a$$es handed to ya. Climb back in the hole you crawled out of Cubby.
Phillip G.

Cubby– Yo what’s up Phillip?

If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one around to hear it, did it actually make a sound? No, I haven’t seen the latest issue of RC Driver, a lot of people haven’t. I did a rant a couple years ago on how hard it was to find an issue of Driver and Bob Hastings, who worked at Driver at the time, emailed Brian asking him for my zip code so he could send me a list of “all” the local places I could buy the mag at. Brian shot him my zip code, but we never heard back from Bob. And… just a couple months ago I went looking for an issue of Driver, I hit one grocery store, two book stores, and one hobby shop, needless to say I came home empty handed.

All the mags, whether they be an rc mag, a motocross mag, Road & Track, or People Magazine, are all staring directly at a Kobayashi Maru. There isn’t much future for them, it’s no ancient Chinese secret that paper is dying and everything is going to the web (and even less chance of survival for mags with horrible street cred because all they do is kiss manufactures a$%es). So… if you can’t find an issue of a mag, or even if you can but you don’t trust what they say, does anyone actually care what was inside?

Next week I’ll be posting the “letter of the month” with the winner getting an uber new BigSquid t-shirt, I know ya’ll just can’t wait! So don’t be shy, submit your questions, etc etc etc to me at Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com. If your letter makes the front page you’ll get a nice selection of BSRC stickers to plaster your whip with!

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