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ASK Cub Reporter, 07.04.2013, Happy Birthday America Edition


Hi guys,
Were can I buy the e-maxx sway bar kit???

Cubby– Yo hey Jason, what’s up and congrats, you’ve just won “Letter of the Month” entitling you to a brand new and crazy Über BigSquidRC t-shirt. Even in your size! Hit Brian up with an email containing your snail mail to be the coolest dude at your LBS (local bash spot). Ok, so you want to know where you can buy the Blue Groove Sway Bar Kit for Traxxas E-Maxx/T-Maxx. You do realize that post is like a half decade old right? I have no idea where to get a sway bar kit for the Maxx series trucks, and I’m far too lazy to Google it, that’s just how I roll. However I must say, putting a sway bar kit on a Maxx is sorta like monster truck tires on a touring car, what’s the frick’n point?
Let your Maxx be who it is, a big ole’ monster truck. Putting on a sway bar kit would only reduce how it handles hardcore off-roading. If you are putting on sway bars simply to keep from traction rolling, there are other ways to accomplish that goal. Lower ride height, firmer suspension, and different tires head the list. Peace and love, peace and love.

Subject: Some questions only a Big Squid could answer!!!

I know you are tied into the market from a different perspective than some the “racing orientated” types of publications. So if I can, can I pick your brains a little?

What I am looking to do is gather some information. Why? Is my big question. Why are people choosing this motor? Why are people choosing that speed control?

From the non-racing – basher perspective – what are you guys, your followers, and friends looking for? What helps you determine what speed control and motor you put in your car/truck? Simple questions with complicated answers.

Any insight you guys are willing to share, would be beneficial. Hey, after reading the Cub Report, I would like to throw my name into ring. Maybe we can do something together in the near future. Thanks for your time guys. Appreciate anything you can share.

Cubby– This is an email from an industry friend of ours. You might think, why in the world would an industry type be asking advice from BigSquid? I am asking myself the same thing. LOL. But seriously, there are a lot of racer types out there that haven’t done any bashing at all. I was pretty much in that boat from the 80’s until around 2000. So… to boil down your email- what factors determine which motor/speedo combo goes into a bashers truck?
Yes, as stated in your email, that’s a simple question with a complicated answer. IMO the answers are-
1. Price, plain and simple. When bashing we see a lot of “Happy Flower” Asian brushless systems that are used simply because they fit into the drivers price point. Those types of owners typically want a higher end system but the cash just wasn’t there for them at the time.
2. Power. 17.5’s are for cherry pickers and kitty cats, bashers want (read- demand) blow-the-tires-off-the-rims power. Just say’n…
3. Durability. There is no tone that goes off at the 5 minute mark while bashing. In fact, it’s a walk of shame for the first person who has to pick up his truck because it’s out of juice. With modern high capacity packs run-times in the 20 minute range are quite common. Add in the fact that bashers routinely gear for 40+ mph and well, bashing is a whole lot harder on a motor/speedo combo than racing ever could be. There are other factors of course, but that’s the “big three”.

That’s certainly enough for this week, what are you doing reading this thing anyways? Get outside and enjoy some fireworks and trigger time you guys. Oh ya, you can send your rc questions to Cubby at Get cool stuff if your letter hits the bigtime.
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