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ASK Cub Reporter, 07.24.2014, Version- New Questions, Old Answers

ASK Cubby

“U guys should make a video with a ton of rc cars and have a race
From Michael J on his iPod”

Cubby- Yo Mikey J on your iPod, thanks for shoot’n me an email.

So… you want us to make a video with exactly one ton of rc cars racing. Ok, I’ll entertain the idea, so lets do some math.

Let’s assume that the average weight of each vehicle is 5 lbs. I pick that number not only be it is somewhat round, but also because it would probably be in the ballpark. A “standard” short ton is 2000 pounds, so 2000 divided by 5 is 400. I have to say Mikey I likey your style, I would also like to see a video with 400 cars all driving/racing at the exact same time. But… sadly, no matter how cool it would be, there would be a few issues to overcome…

Drivers- we would need 400 of them, which might be a little hard to get in one place at one time.

Radios- To get 400 different channels might be a bit hard. For example, only 79 different Spektrum radios can operate at one time, so even if you throw in Futaba FASST, old school 27 and 75, and several other brands, I’m still not sure we could come up with 400 separate working systems.

Space- Unless we were shooting for just a full on demo derby, it is gonna get pretty sketchy running 400 cars at once.

My solution? One driver with one transmitter and 400 cars bound to it. Put them all in a row, punch the throttle, and let the fun begin. But that is just how I’m wired…

“RC Radios

Saw Graupner X-8N and X-8E online on your website you mentioned didn’t know when or if it would be available in U.S or CANADA that was in 2013 any further info on them now

Bullet Bill”

Cubby- Hey now Bullet Bill, thanks for the email and be sure to shoot us your snail mail so we can totally get you dialed with a BigSquidRC sticker set.

Ya, we got our first chance to check out the new Graupner stuff a couple weeks ago at the HobbyTown USA Convention in Lincoln Nebraska. While I was not personally a big fan of their radio systems, their “computer tower” style chargers looked boss.

Anyways… I have some good news for ya BB, the good folks over at Tower Hobbies have picked up the Graupner line. They aren’t in stock yet, but should be soon.

That’s it ya lunatics, why don’t ya get crazy and shoot me an email, Cubby at If your letter/question/rant makes the big time you’ll win something cool enough to brag about to your friends. That is all.

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