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ASK Cub Reporter- 08.04.2011- My Email Runneth Over And Lands On Our Front Page


Cubby– Before we get to this weeks questions I’d like to post a reminder to please join us this Saturday at the Odium in Chicago for Bash-A-Palooza! Bring your trucks and have a blast with us and other bashers just like you. It’s also a chance for bashers to show industry peeps you are a force to be reckoned with. It’s free to enter, and we are giving away a LOT of prizes!

Yo, Big Squid….
Where can I get one of those Squiddy’s for my Wraith? That lil guy is super cool………..LMk..OK?
Scott K

Cubby– I take it you are referring to the uber BSCR tension reliever pictured in the drivers seat of our Wraith review? The scoop on those is- they were part of the media packets we handed out to manufactures during Ihobby last year. Can you have one? Well… I just happen to know somebody that has a half dozen of them sitting in their desk right now, and… I’m fairly sure I can mail you one, I mean, that mystery person can mail you one in exchange for Only one bottle of vintage 96′ Dom. Sounds like a fair exchange to me, LMK.

But to be serious (and ugggghh I hate being serious)… drop by our booth at Ihobby 11′ and we can totally hook ya up.

Hey… I think you guys have one boost buggy and I bought the other one. I can’t find any information in any forums about these things and you guys are the only people I know that have one. I was wondering if you guys had any other buggy bodies (especially the bulldog ones) that you could test fit on the boost and let me know if they fit. I would go to the hobby store to try to find one, but it is 50 miles away… and probably doesn’t have any buggy bodies at all in stock.

Hope you can help… if not I understand… love your website keep up the good work.

Nathanael W.

Cubby– What’s up Nathanael? Hope you are dig’n your Boost as much as we like ours. Our Electrix Boost and our Ruckus are daily drivers around here as both are always up for a good thrashing. Also, they are perfect for a quick bout of demo derby during our ridiculously short one hour lunch periods here at the BSRC offices.

So… while I really appreciate your props, friends don’t let friends drive “cab forward” bodies. There may be cab forward bodies that will bolt right on to the Boost, but even if I knew which ones they were I could not in clear conscience give you that information allowing you to deface your Boost in such a manner.

My recommendation? The stock Boost body is not “cab forward”, but is pretty slick. A new clear Boost body runs about $29, buy one and put your own way-super-dope paint scheme on it. Don’t be a part of a foolish trend, start your own, do something unique with your new clear body, your imagination is your only limit. Btw, the part number you need is Electrix #ECX3801, hit up your closest Horizon dealer or Horizon Hobby online.

A year from now when “cab forward” bodies are looked at like the mullets of the rc world you’ll be thanking me… seriously. 🙂

That’s it for this week, submit your questions and whatnots, etc to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com, and see ya at Bash-A-Palooza!

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