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ASK Cub Reporter, 08.09.2012, Version: Left Wing Questions, Far Right Wing Answers


I just finished reading it (the MIP SCTE review). Great job! Did you notice if the added weight savings decreased the motor temperature and possibly increase run times(less stress on the drivetrain)?
Michael L

Cubby– Hey ya Michael, what’s up bru?

Just to bring everyone up to speed here, Michael is talking about our recent MIP Pro4mance tuning kit review that we did for the Losi Ten SCTE. Yes, while doing the MIP SCTE review we did have a SCTE with a stock chassis along for comparison purposes. But.. the SCTE with the stock chassis had a much different power system than our MIP equipped truck, thus making it impossible to accurately compare temp and runtime data.

I will say that we’ve gotten a lot more runtime in with the MIP SCTE since the review and life is still all good. Particularly fun is handing it off to new people and letting them grab a few laps with it. Even guys who don’t normally pay a lot of attention to how their trucks handle come back with remarkably good comments about how well the MIP SCTE drives.

Seriously, how many ARRMA Granites did you bust-up when you did that video?
Gary O.

Cubby- For those of you that may not have seen our “Granite Beat Down Video“,
HERE is the link.

And just like the review stated, we only broke on part, a part that didn’t really affect how the truck drove (front top plate). All the footage in that vid was shot within a 45 minute time span. We did have to stop and pop on a tie-rod a few times, and we had to push the motor connectors back together a few times, but other than that, absolutely zero issues.

When we first start doing a review we run the vehicle for a couple weeks just to get a feel for how it drives, just doing normal bashing, nothing too crazy. If a truck survives that, then we keep pushing until it breaks. In the case of the Granite, we started by jumping it off the roof of a building to finish it off, but it didn’t break. Then we kept running it full speed into a concrete block building, but it still didn’t break. Then we just started slamming it, full tilt of course, into every solid object we could find. Initially, we finally gave up thinking that it still wasn’t broken. The Granite uses a bottom load battery tray, so it was only later after we finally removed the body did we notice that indeed we had broken a plastic part. At the end of the video where it says “WOW”, that is exactly what we were all saying, the Granite absolutely took the worst beating we’ve ever dished out with nearly no problems. For everyday/normal use, it should be one fantastically reliable truck.

Oh, to finally answer your question, seriously, just one. 🙂

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