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ASK Cub Reporter- 08.10.2011- I Have Mail, I Feel So Special!


I got a quick question. Can the Evader DT take LiPo batteries stock? If so, would I need to install a LVC? Thank you

Cubby– What’s up Jordan? Is it just me or do we get this question a lot? Well… if it’s getting asked this much I better man up and answer it.

Can the Evader DT (same goes for the entire Evader line) take LiPo batteries? Yes, they fit just fine and your truck will be extra fast while running one.

But… no, the stock speedo does not have built in low voltage cut-off (LVC) protection. When running LiPo batteries I highly recommend running an LVC to keep from ruining your batteries. Ideally you never want your LiPos to go below 3 volts per cell, an LVC can help you prevent this.

One tip not mentioned often enough is- a lot of LiPo batteries are ruined each year because drivers only turn off their speedo (via the on/off switch) but forget to unplug their battery pack. You see the speedo will still pull a slight amount of current even if the switch is turned off, so for storage purposes (more than just a few hours) you must also unplug the battery to prevent it from being over discharged.

Keep on bashing Jordan, and remember it isn’t bashing unless it gets broke.

I had a blast at Bash-a-palooza, but it made me realize that I need a monster truck. Between the Savage Flux HP and the Thunder Tiger MT4 which would you recommend and why?

Cubby– Hey now Fletch, thanks for taking the time to write in an email.

Universally I’ve heard nothing but good things being said about Bash-A-Palooza 2011. Brian and Wrench worked their butts off to put on a good event, glad you guys appreciated it. Next year I promise to make it on time, seriously, I promise.

First off, do you really need a monster truck? If you’re truly a basher then heck yes ya do! The larger tires help in getting over crazy obstacles and generally make for a wilder ride. Oh and, it’s also great fun watching them become pizza cutters on high cell counts. ­čÖé

So… HPI Savage Flux or Thunder Tiger MT4? Boy thats smells like a dern good shootout to me but I’m not going to dodge the question. If I had to go out and buy one tomorrow it would be the Thunder Tiger MT4.

So why do I pick the Thunder Tiger over the HPI? Because the Thunder Tiger has proven tougher during our testing. We’ve bashed the MT4 like we stole it, even on 6S, with virtually no problems or broken parts. We’ve done things (horrible, nasty, unspeakable things) to that truck on purpose to destroy it and it didn’t break. Seriously, it’s an amazing truck who’s biggest downside is the lack of parts support at local hobby shops. But… because the truck rarely breaks the parts support issue becomes rather moot.

On the other hand… no doubt the HPI is a burly truck. No doubt the HPI has a better reputation, it has been out a long time and has more than proven its worth. IMO the HPI has more power out of the box, and there are a whole lot more hobby shops that stock parts for the Savage than for the Thunder Tiger. But… we’ve broken more than a handful of parts on the Savage Flux, and I’d much rather be huck’ing it off the roof than wrenching on it.

Lastly, just so you know, while I picked the Thunder Tiger there are others in our office that would pick the Savage. Both are great trucks, no matter which one you pick (out of those two) you are going to have a fantastic time.

Little tip for when you do buy one- 6S might not be “that” much more voltage than 4S, but it feels twice as fast! Have fun!

That’s it for this weeks edition of ASK The Goofy BigSquid Pundit Guy, submit your questions (in broken Engrish, those are always the most fun to read) to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

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