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The Bigsquid bash was awesome! You should advertise it more. It was great meeting all you, including the infamous Cubby. He actually let the little kid win, and good reason, he could actually drive! I got a chance to talk with Cubby and he really knows his shit. I have been into the hobby for a while and discussing the release of the RC10 with him, he was dead on about what he wrote about it. Yes, it’s sort of cool, but it I bet it wouldn’t pass any of the BigSquidRC “normal test flogging”. The events were well planned and with little time in between them, the hours flew by, I drove down there with my finance, and the only reason she agreed to go was because there was a mall across the street! She even walked across the street to meet me because I told her this was so cool, I didn’t have time to pick her up. If you ever want to do a vintage bash a thon, i would be in!

Keep up the good work!


Cubby– Yo to the yo Steve, glad you had fun at the bash, and nice meeting you as well. However, you really understate just how cool I am in person. 🙂

Bashes have seemed to explode this summer. We’ve covered a number of them here on our site, but we’ve also missed many of them due to schedule conflicts. Bashes are super easy to put on and are not only good fun for the competitors, but also great promotion for the hobby (not to mention the nearest LHS gets to sell lots of parts afterwards!). If anyone out there has been thinking about putting on a bash, here is essentially what is required-

1. Get a venue. Ask around and get permission from a local park, hobby shop, or private land owner.
2. Come up with some events. These are up to you, your imagination is the only limitation.
3. Make up an event flyer. Put these up at your LHS, local super market, gas stations, etc.
4. Post your flyer on-line.
5. Invite BigSquidRC, we’ll cover your event and bring goodies with us. 🙂

I read some of your reviews and I’m in 2 mind sets, which one would you take, not worrying about costs: HPI Savage Flux HP or the Thunder Tiger MT4 G3?
I don’t do racing and all that, just bashing around, playing on all types of terrain.
Thanks for your help, Kind regards

Cubby– Hey now Werner, thanks for taking the time to shoot us an email.

Monster trucks are still “kings of the bash spot”. They aren’t some fad that comes and goes, they’ve been popular since they first became available, and are still popular today. Those great big tires and extra ground clearance make them the weapon of choice for serious bashing.

With that said, there is a war at the top of the heap between the Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3, Traxxas E-Revo, Associated Rival MT, HPI Savage Flux, and Thunder Tiger eMTA. We’ve been working on getting this shootout going, it’s really the best/only way to see which one truly is the best. You can test one car at a time and think they are all pretty good, it’s only when you get them all together at the same time that you can really tell the differences.

Until then…. based on too many hours behind the wheel of both, I’d recommend you go with the Thunder Tiger MT4-G3. The reasons are quite simple- it handles well, comes with good power, and rarely breaks, everything that a basher is looking for.
The Savage is also good, you wouldn’t be disappointed if you bought one, but personally I grab the TT before the HPI. Plus, the TT is about $50 cheaper than the HPI and over $100 cheaper than the Traxxas.

Get the TT, go huge, send pics.

That’s it ya freaks, shoot me your questions, comments, and epic meltdowns to Cubby at If your letter hits the front page you get a free sticker pack, if your win letter of the month you’ll get a free t-shirt personally autographed by me (read- Brian will scribble something on it that looks like my name).
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