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ASK Cub Reporter- 08.18.2011- I Respond To Your Queries


yo cabby its bin a munf now & stil no new employes @ da bsrc offises? wut givs, brah? i chops it up wit brain @ all his shindigs, plus im local. i was da 1 who lent fletch my stampede so he cood compete agenst me in monster soccr, wich i now regret sinse we lost bolf games. tell brain 2 giv me a job or ill jump my mt4 g3 off a ramp in2 his hed!!!

frum urs truly, xerxes

Cubby– So… after reading your email, I’m guessing one question is “should I jump my Thunder Tiger MT4 into Brians head or not?”. The answer to that one is easy- of course you should. Heck I would if he’d stand still long enough for me to zero my sites in on him. You know that Brian- his veins are filled with Red Bull and pixie sticks making him nearly impossible to hit with an rc as he bounces off the walls.

And why hasn’t Brain hired anyone yet? I haven’t asked him why, but I’d guess because he’s been too busy. The pile of “Please oh please hire me!” emails is ridiculously huge and time is short around here. Maybe once we get caught up a bit he’ll dig in and find a few suitable employees. And yes I know we’d get caught up faster with more employees, but tell that to Brian.

Btw, after looking through that stack there are a lot of mag guys in there. Are the mags paying those guys in broken rc parts now days? Are the people they are working for just that big of a-holes? Or do they just know their current jobs are doomed? Wow…

I think I saw you at RCX, were you standing next to the lady in the Bigsquid booth?

Cubby– Hey Jagger, I think I saw you at RCX as well. Were you the guy wearing the black Monster t-shirt with the black DC flatbill, black socks and Ken Block DC’s standing by the chic that looked like she professionally dances for a living? Yup, I thought that was you.

Yes I was at RCX, and yes I spent at least a full minute talking to our booth babe Mindy. I spent the other 30 minutes I was there in awe of the low attendance and how RCCA pulled the plug on their show 2 hours early. But to answer your question- I’m gonna guess that the person you saw was probably Evan, Tim, or Brian, as they were in the booth about 8 hours longer than I was. Next time don’t be shy and come on over to the booth and say hello.

It’s been a long time since you’ve done a shootout, when is the next one? One last question, where did the Saturday around the web column go?

Cubby– Yo what’s up Koby? Last question first- Jeff was the person responsible for the most excellent “Around the Web” column but he took a break to go make crazy money. Hopefully that crazy money dries up fast and we can get his column back every Saturday. ­čÖé

And yes, we’ve been slack’n like crazy on our shootouts. But… we start another one next weekend. I won’t let the cat out of the bag quite yet, but hopefully you guys will dig it, and hopefully it’ll send shockwaves through the industry. And no, it’s not another battery shootout. We know our readers love the shootouts but they take ten times longer to do than a normal review so it’s hard for us to get them penned into the schedule.

Send me your questions, videos, wacky song lyrics, and “The Gathering” ticket stubs to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

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