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ASK Cub Reporter, 08.22.2013, Version- Your Questions, My Malarkey


I am just now getting back into RC with my son who is about to turn 4 and looking on the web found these incredible deals at .

The deals are so good wanted to make sure the site was for real, can you tell me anything about them? It looks like the RTR sets like the Arrma I am looking for might just be last years model and that is why the outragous low prices..fingers crossed. thanks for any info you might have!
Jamie K

Cubby– Come on now Jamie, I know you remember what your Mom told you. “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”. I removed the URL that you listed in your email, simply because I had never heard of the place and I don’t want our readers ordering from a company that may or may not actually deliver.

Hey, I know a lot of people are on tight budgets and are looking to save some cash wherever they can, but I’m just say’n I wouldn’t trust my hard earned bucks to some place that comes across as being reallyyyy sketchy. If you are look’n for a dealio check out the new Horizon Outlet, they’ve had some good specials going on there.
Tower Hobbies always has all sorts of specials going on, and A-Main Hobbies is known for low pricing and fast service. Plus, they are reputable companies that will actually give you a product in return for your money.

But first, don’t forget to hit your LHS. Those prices on the box are not set in stone and if you are cool with the people behind the counter they might very well cut you a deal. This won’t always happen, but if you explain that you are thinking about buying car XYZ dirt cheap off of they might work a little harder to make sure you leave their hobby shop with car in hand.

Go fast, spin tires, and don’t get ripped off.

Letter of the month winner

Hey Brian just found out I got letter of the month for my Cubby question. I tried
what he suggested and my battery is now working again in great order. Thanks for the
help! Thanks!
Sean M.

Cubby– Ya know Sean, I typically just make up random answers, I guess you got lucky and got a real one. Or if I gave you some answer that was really just me mashing my keyboard and it just happened to work out for you, that’s awesome too.

But seriously, thanks for shoot’n out an email to let me know how things worked out. Answering questions over the net with very little input data is pretty much a crapshoot.

Enjoy the shirt and go out and break a few parts would ya.

That’s it for this week ya freaks, shoot me your emails to Cubby at, you never know I might hook ya up with something really cool, or at the very least you can win free stickers or a t-shirt if your letter hits the big time. And I hear Brian is finally going to let me change the letter font, so hopefully that happens by next week!
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