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ASK Cub Reporter- 09.01.11- Saving The World One Answer At A Time

Cubby Cubby- We have a winner in last nights “Win Cubbys ???” contest, it’s Kage from Durham, NH, and he just won my Speed Passion RS2 brushless stadium truck! Congrats Kage, I hope you really enjoy my truck, I already miss it, that thing RIPS hard! Also thanks to everyone for participating last night- BSRC is THE place to win!!!

hello! i am both excited and embarrassed to admit that i am now getting back into RC’s…about 20 years later! i used to drive a sweet old ‘frog’ and then got a RC10 back in the day…lost interest and now went out and got myself a new toy to play with, HPI savage flux 2350 -kid up the street selling for newfangled “nitro” truck? WHAT IS THAT…I’ll take it too!It was WAY fun, but now i want to upgrade and bash the heck out of it! I have since put in the “extension kit” and added larger wheels -big joes? – don’t know which, i just got the largest that would fit…i like the ride and handling now, lowered it too…but now with the added weight, length and bla bla…i lost a LOT of power/top speed and flips/wheelies and I want that power back. So, aside from the batteries (was running 5000mah 30C 2S (x2) what can i put in there to make it super-awesome-number-1-again? Which motor will give me most bang for buck and wheelies again/w ESC of course and what about gears? with the new power and larger heavier equip i’m sure i’ll need new ones of those too…any help will be awesome! I will make sure to add pics and a little video once i finish this “hop-up” as it is called…I’m too green at this hobby now, TOO GREEN!!!thank

Adam S

Cubby– Hey Adam, thanks for shoot’n us an email.

So you’ve got a Savage Flux 2350 with huge tires and a stretched chassis and it doesn’t seem as gnarly as it once did. Indeed, larger diameter tires are a lot harder to turn over, as well as gearing you through the roof. Add the extra weight of a stretched chassis and I can see where your old speed went.

How to fix your dilemma- a Castle Monster system on 6S.

So which Castle Monster? You’ll be wanting the Mamba Monster 2200kv system. The included speedo works fine on 6S, the 2200 kv motor has more grunt than your stocker, it also works fine on 6S, and the system as a whole has a ridiculous amount of backflipping/tire-shredding power.

And while you are ordering your new power system, be sure and pick up a new pinion gear. Between your big tires and going up to 6S, you’ll want to install the smallest pinion that you can. Keep in mind that even with the smallest pinion you can mesh up, your truck will still be uncontrollably fast. It will make you smile so hard your toes will hurt. 🙂

Enjoy, have a nice day, and I am looking forward to seeing a video of you landing a quadruple backflip off the roof of your house.

Hi Brian,

Great RC website!
I looked but couldnt find anything on nitro comparisons. Have you guys ever done one? I’m always wondering what’s the best nitro out there. More power to you guys!
Derrick C.
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Cubby– Hey Derrick, Brian (aka- Brain) shot me your email to post here on the front page for the entire world to read, so here it is. 🙂

Ya know… there was a day when most of the BSRC Bash Crew drove nitro, and not just us, but the majority of rc’ers did. Then came brushless and Lithium, and well, you already know what that did to the nitro market.

If you were to look around the ridiculously plush BSRC offices we have several nitros sitting around, the problem is, none of us want to drive them. We’d much rather push “start” on a couple battery chargers and have our trucks go balls out for 15 minutes than screw around for 45 minutes with a nitro engine to get it running correctly.

So the simple fact is- we’ve done zero nitro comparisons. And that’s not due to lack of trying, heck I hate nitro but realize there are still a lot of people out there that drive them and would appreciate some nitro love’n. I simply can’t get anyone around the office to even begin to do anything nitro related.

So… does that mean that nitro is that bad, or that brushless/Lipo is that good? Ask ten different people and you’ll get lots of different responses, but I feel it’s a combo of both. When nitro is good, it’s very, very good, when it’s bad it makes you want to beat the offending truck to death with a sledge hammer and drive to the manufactures corporate offices and start smashing heads into the wall. When brushless/Lipo is good, it’s fantastic, when it’s bad, at least it’s 100% dead and the issue can easy be tracked down to a couple of different things.

So… when will you start seeing more nitro on BSRC? I am all for it actually, but I’m not sure when we will start doing more of it here. Wrench cranks out the occasional nitro but for the rest of us, at least not until nitro ups its game with more consistent, reliable, and longer lasting products. I’ll talk to Wrench, and see if we can get him doing some more nitro articles.

That’s it for yet another week of ASK Cubby. I know you have questions and comments, just go ahead and send’em in, heck, they might even make the BSRC front page! Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

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