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ASK Cub Reporter- 09.07.2011- My Email Explodes All Over Your Monitor


Hello Brian,

First, I have a suggestion:

I just read the 4WD Short Course Shootout and 3 trucks is not so much for a shootout. You already mentioned the Losi SCTE and Associated SC10 4×4 are not in stores now. Maybe you could get all trucks out again when they are in stores and do a 4WD Short Course Shootout Reloaded or so with all five trucks.

Floris H.

Cubby– Yes, here’s another email stolen from Brian’s email.

And yes Floris, 3 trucks isn’t very many for a shootout, but it’s better than just a pair which would have only been a “comparison”.

I think the greater question is- “Why has it taken so long for Losi and AE to get 4×4 RTR SC’s on the market?” I mean, it’s only the hottest product category on the planet right now, and the Ofna and Traxxas trucks have been on dealer shelves forever. Just think how many trucks Ofna and Traxxas have already sold in a product category that neither Losi or AE has even had an entry? What happened to the good ole’ days when Losi and AE led the pack, not sat around the back trying to play catch-up? Just say’n that time sure have changed, there are new leaders in the industry…

Was the big news that Tamiya was supposed to release today really just their updating their web-site? Please tell me it isn’t so.

Cubby– For those that might not have heard, Tamiya made a “Big Announcement” (LOL) yesterday. They had been teasing about it for a couple weeks, and I’ve found, at least in the rc world, the bigger the tease the more the news is bound to suck. And yes, Tamiya’s big announcement today was that they have rehashed their web-site. So yea, their “big announcement” was ridiculously lame. Where’s an uber new car/buggy/truck??? Seriously, the marketing department over at Tamiya is easily one of the worst in our industry (IMO), and yesterdays “big announcement” was further proof of that. Which is a shame really, as there are so many great marketing people out there looking for jobs right now.

That’s it for this week ya bunch of fanatics, send me your questions, answers, and attempts to ameliorate my above responses to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

YOUR Cub Reporter

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