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ASK Cub Reporter- 09.16.2011- Version: Better Late Than Early


I whole heartedly applaud Traxxas for all they are doing to make RC a mainstream thing, but all of their focus seems to be on marketing and little on actual product development. I mean how many variations of the 1/16th E-Revo/Slash can there be? All have zero differentiation other than the bodies and some other ancillary things. I was hoping for a 1/5 scale RTR short course truck or something else ground breaking and new. Lets hope things change and they release something cool at the next hobby expo.

Keep up the good work! I really enjoy reading your website!

Cubby– What’s up Jon, great email, an welcome to the front page.

Personally… I really don’t have a problem with Traxxas running old platforms into the ground, financially it’s the best call and it actually works out best for the “typical” basher. For example, the Pede platform is a solid base with no glaring issues, there are parts Everywhere for that sucker, and because they produce so many of them parts are quite affordable, a perfect blend for the bashing crowd.

Traxxas popped the big bucks a few years ago for the new 16th scale platform and you just know from their history it will still be in service until well into the 2020’s. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, I see no problem with that.

Now obviously Traxxas is sitting on top of the world totally dominating their (our) industry. So… when sitting in that position why not update the older platforms like the Pede? Would that help sell trucks? To the core rc’er yes, to the typical Traxxas buyer, probably not. So… it makes perfect financial sense to keep running the old molds until the heat death of the universe is upon us. Can’t blame Traxxas for doing what’s in their best interest and for making a good living off of good products.

But…. what really drives me batty is that Traxxas has no problem cutting huge checks for the TORC series but they can’t fix their shock caps that pop off every time the wind blows the wrong direction? I mean seriously, just how much could that possibly cost? I have no idea, but it’s gotta be less than what they spend feeding their employees during a typical TORC series race weekend. Those caps have been an issue since the Thompson Twins were on the top of the charts, come on Traxxas, cut the check and fix’em. I’ve lost literally gallons of shock oil onto our precious Mother Earth due to those shock caps popping off, multiply that by thousands of users and we are slowly turning the Earths surface to one covered with stock Traxxas shock oil! But to be serious, the biggest issue on pretty much every Traxxas truck has to be those caps, just fix’em already.

Hi just wanted to know about Savox brushless systems. Are they any good? Just about every one knows about their servos but not so much about there brushless systems. Can the BIGSQUIDRC test them or do a report to see what the pros and cones are on there brushless systems?

Thanks for any help you can give,
Riley B.

Cubby– How’s it hang’n Riley? Thanks for the email….

Ya know… the forum types can’t seem to give enough props to Savox servo’s, unfortunately every one I’ve ever used had issues pop up. And no, I don’t think I’ve ever used a full production unit, but still, their servos have left a bad taste in my mouth.

About Savox brushless systems… who’s to say you haven’t already driven one? Savox is known more for being an OEM than an actual product line so I’d be incredibly surprised if you haven’t already driven one of their units while not even knowing it.

My personal experience with Savox labeled non-sensored motors has not been good, but once again I don’t think I’ve ever used full production units. I will say one of our guys was running some crazy kv Savox 2 pole in his Slash at iHobby a couple years ago and I don’t think I’ve ever seen tires turn into that big of pizza cutters before, it was just nutz.

Anyways, just for you Riley we’ll hit up the powers that be and see if we can get hooked up with a Savox BL system for review. Till then… we had been planning on doing a short course brushless shootout, but due to the manufactures sending us an incredible different variety of systems we have deemed a shootout impossible to be “fair” to everyone, so instead we’ll be reviewing each of the systems individually. Look for reviews of multiple brushless sc systems to start popping up any Tuesday now.

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