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Best Buy Correction
The pricing displayed is what a Canadian customer will pay for the vehicles…. The vehicles are to be sold in Canada, even though it is on best as well As…. It is possible that you will not be able to even complete the order on the US site.
For now, expect the price to be accurate for Canadian retailers, who have to pay more to get US items into their shops.
Hope this helps.
Tommy G.

Cubby– Yo thanks for the heads up Tommy.

Tommy is referring to an article we did on myself and another BSRC employee were in an American Best Buy store and were told we could buy Traxxas vehicles directly from them. We were told we could definitely buy one off of and either pick it up at our local store or simply have it shipped to our home. No, we didn’t test it out to be sure, maybe one of our readers can TOFTT and let us know.

Hey, I have a question and I will post it here because I am not yet approved to the forums (dunno why). I bought an Axial Exo Terra and put in pretty much the same electronics as you in your review did. It’s a Castle Sidewinder SCT Combo. My problem is, I cannot drive slowly. When I pull the trigger, it’s fast already. I have a Castle Link USB and tried different settings but I can’t figure out what might help me. I would appreciate any idea. Everything else is stock, I didn’t change gearing yet.

Thank you in advance,

Cubby– Hey what’s up Jakob and thanks for shoot’n us a question.

So you say your problem is you can not drive slowly. Huh, funny, I was just watching the movie Talladega Nights the other day and he couldn’t drive slow either. Obviously Ricky Bobby is one bad ass dude, so you must be too.

And…. when you pull the trigger it’s already fast? Hell ya, that’s called pure, unadulterated, POWER. Power feels good. Power makes you smile. Power makes our hobby go around. Enjoy it, cherish it, worship it.

And you think your EXO feels fast now? Quit the dumb stuff and squeeze a 3S pack into your buggy, or better yet just bolt 6S on the roof. When you go back to 2S your buggy will sudden feel coon dog slow, that I can promise you.

But seriously, if you wrote looking for help to make your Axial EXO slower I gotta say we can not help you. You see we are in the business of going fast, not slow. If you need help going slow contact one of the mags, I’m sure they’ll totally hook ya up.

Hey Guys, been checking out your site for about a month or so and I really love it. You have saved me money with your reviews and I can’t thank you enough for that. But I’m just wondering what you guys do with the left overs when you finish Bashing the crap out of them, would it be possible to buy them for parts and such. Just wondering Thanx in advance for your time in answering;


Cubby– Roosta? Like a Maico 490 with a brand new rear Metzeler on a rainy day in SoCal kind of Roosta?

So… what do we do with all our old test vehicles? We toss’em in a wood chipper of course, then sit back and enjoy the carnage. Heck some of’em we don’t even un-box, we just toss’em in brand new and request more.

But seriously… if we receive something for free we give it away for free, or least most of them anyways. Some of them are so destroyed after testing that yes, we literally toss them in the trash because it would cost more to fix them than to buy a new one (the Stampede from our last shootout is a good example). Certain test vehicles are also kept around for more testing- like hop-up parts, electronics, batteries etc.

One thing we do not do is sell them. However, certain media outlets have allegedly been known to do so. For example, I was at a race a couple years ago and saw that a certain media contributor had posted a bunch of stuff for sale at the track, the exact same stuff he had just reviewed. What a co-incident eh? On the upside, I guess if you buy a used rag vehicle at least you know it hasn’t been used very hard.

Now you know.

That’s it for this week folks, send me your emails, messages, sexts, or whatever else is in those demented brains of yours to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com. If you make the front page you’ll get some uber stickers, and if I pick yours as letter of the month we’ll totally hook you up with a BigSquidRC t-shirt.

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