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ASK Cub Reporter, 10.02.2014, Version- Letter O’ The Month Time

ASK Cubby

“ASK Cubby

Hey Cubby, Whazzap! I thought you went to work for Traxxas.

Anyho, my question is: are there any affordable 4wd monster trucks out there? Not everyone can buy a Summit, y’know…

Steve G.”

Cubby- Yo what up Stevie? Guess what? I have just proclaimed yours as “Letter of the Month”! Shoot us your snail mail and shirt size so we can hook you up with a shirt and some stickers.

And… about working at Traxxas. If I did work there I can assure you there would be some big changes. Like what? No more 48 pitch spur gears, EVER. No more plastic shock caps, EVER. And a whole lot of old platforms would be getting Massive updates. But I will never work there, so I guess nobody out in rc better hold their breath on those changes.

So you are looking for an affordable 4wd MT, presumably 8th scale because you mention the Summit. I would recommend the new ARRMA Kraton when it comes out. After driving one I can say it flat out rips for power and handles like a high-end truggy. Oh ya, for those looking to save a few bucks it comes in at roughly $130 less than the Summit.


Tower hobbies has Mt4g3 listed as discontinued???? Are they done? Is it being overhauled? Do you have the power to know such things?

Justin W.”

Cubby- Hey nowww Justin, thanks for the email and congrats on make’n the big time, shoot us your mailing addy for some free stickers.

Do I have the power to know such things as to the future of the MT4 G3? I sure wish I did, it’s an epic bash truck. The last time it was disco’ed it came back with a new part number and some minor changes. Will it be back again or be replaced by something more uber? I guess time will tell, Thunder Tiger has been mighty quiet lately, they are overdue for some big announcements.

So there ya go, I answered your question with another question. LOL

That’s it for this weeks ASK Cubby. Shoot me your nonsense to Cubby at If your letter hits the big time you’ll get a free set of stickers, and if I proclaim your letter as “Letter of the Month” like I just did Steve’s, you’ll even get a high-zoot BSRC t-shirt to impress your friends with.

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