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Posted 11:08pm, Dec 22
Hey Big Squid!! whats the best Esc and motor set up made for slash?
Pitdawg Pit

Cubby– Hey what’s up Pitdawg, thanks for posting a question on our FB page.

What’s the “best” speedo and motor for a Slash? Unfortunately, you didn’t mention if you have a 2 or 4wd, so I’ll just take a guess and answer for the 2wd.

“Best” can be a whole lot different things to different people. For instance, “best” for Craig “The Uber Ramp Builder Guy” would be a motor/speedo combo capable of 6S and 2000 watts. Craig’s a little nutty when it comes to overpowering vehicles, we certainly can’t fault him for that, huge power is too much fun.

“Best” for Brian “The Editor Guy” would probably be the most durable system he could get his hands on. You see, Brian absolutely hates to wrench on anything, no matter the type of abuse he puts it through, he just wants it work each and every time he pulls it out of the garage. I think Brian would compromise on power, price, anything really, just to have the utmost in reliability.

The “Best” that I’m going to recommend to you is a system that is fairly affordable, fairly durable, yet is capable if insanely high power levels. I’m going to recommend to you the Castle SideWinder SCT 3800kv system. There are a few upsides that make the Castle system good for general bashing. The motor it comes with, the 3800 kv 1410, is possibly one of the best 10th scale motors ever produced, and it’s low enough in kv to not be insanely over-geared should you run on 3S. For raw power on 3S- you’ll have to be one incredibly talented driver to use all that it puts out. That system on 2S has very good power, but on 3S you are looking at turning your Slash into a full blown rocket. And finally… you get all that for a street price
of around $120. There is all sorts of winning with the Castle SCT 3800 system. To quote Ferris Bueller, “It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”, and who can argue with him?

Your show officially sucks!

Tonights show is so bad forget about any more wednesday viewings by me. You have decided to add Chat wing, google +, youtube, what next? this has slowed everything down. Maybe you should get a real Web engineer to help you get the technical issues fixed. As it is now, IT SUCKS!
Thank You,
Jerry S.

Cubby– Yo what’s up Jerry? Oh ya, it seems you have a passionate dislike for the BigSquidRC Google + Live show. Actually, so do I, as it tends to totally pop up and ruin my Wednesday evenings. But I must digress..

We’ve received “around” 200 emails regarding our G+ shows. No, I haven’t counted them, that is a wildly “educated guess” on my part, but out of the ones I’ve seen (and I’ve seen all the negatives) 12 have been negative (including yours). Out of
the 12 negatives the other 11 actually had legit points as to why- such as “Tim is an idiot”, “Brian said the word “um” 87 times in show #3″, “Jeff looks like he’s sleeping”, ect. Legit gripes that I totally get, not that we would change anything
because of them, but I get them. Your reason for the hate-mail is “because it slows things down”. Slows what down? Your computer? Your evening? The space-time continuum?

Our “Live” show isn’t intended to be some shiny, heavily produced show, it’s intended to be on the tip of the technology and fly by the seat of our pants. We want to do now what the “other guys” will be doing 2 years from now, and we want to have a good time while doing it. If anything, a microphone going out or a guy dropping his iPad during the show should be part of its charm. BigSquidRC has always been about being just like our readers, just people hanging out having some fun, and that’s how we’d like the show to come across. We could certainly hire some uber web designer, personal stylists, a director, and build a full studio set, but some shiny, richly produced show just wouldn’t be our style, nor would it be the style of the majority of our readers.

That’s it for this week gang, send me an email to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com, or simply leave a question on our Google + or Facebook pages. If your letter/question/comment makes our front page you’ll get an uber BSRC sticker pack, if I proclaim yours as “Letter of the Month” you’ll get one of our newly designed t-shirts.

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