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Ask Cub Reporter – 2.4.2010

Ask Cub Reporter, A Weekly Advice Column- 02.4.2010
Yes indeed it’s time for yet another scintillating edition of “Ask Cub Reporter”. Oh boy do we get letters, here’s a couple from this week. If you’d like to submit your own, hit us up at cubby at BigSquidRC dot com.


I have had a scorpion for about 3 years and tinkered around the yard. Would like to join a club. I am in Rochester, Indiana. Where are you? What are you dues? etc.


Club? My name isn’t Club Reporter, it’s CUB REPORTER. But seriously, if you want to join, shoot me a money order for $600 and you can be the first member and President of the Cub Reporter Club. Thanks, looking forward to that money order!



My track can’t decide if it’s better to run 17.5 motors or the stock kit motors in the Slash class. What should we run?

New Jersey

Just what kind of demented stoner/VW loving parents did you have to name you Herbie? Seriously, damn. Well unless your last name is Hancock, then I take that back. 🙂

So you have a bunch of morons at your local track? That sounds to be the problem, because for stock/spec Slash class there is only ONE motor choice, and that is to run the kit motor. Running the kit motor is a zillion times friendlier to noobs, and that really should be any local tracks number one priority.

So why do some morons want to include 17.5 brushless motors in the class? Because it’s an advantage to them. A local core “wanna be as fast as Tebo” racer already has a few of them in his parts box, something a noob doesn’t. A 17.5 brushless is Faster than the kit motor (see Snowbirds this year? Looks like 17.5’s are as fast as full blown mods), so the core local will have more power than the noob. And lastly, we shouldn’t force noobs to spend the money on a brushless system when the kit motor is perfect for the class. Actually, some core guys will argue that the stock Slash motor doesn’t last very long, but I’ve had mine in my Slash for over a year, so I find that hard to believe. Oh and I just find 17.5’s stupid in any class, having “stock brushless” is like having “stock top fuel dragster”, it’s really an oxymoron.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading! Support your LHS’s, tracks and bash spots.

Your Cub (Club?) Reporter

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