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ASK Cub Reporter- A Weak Venture Into Answering Incredible Questions, Version 12.16.2010

I rarely comment much before the letters here in the ASK Cubby column, but I gotta say you guys have been blow’n up our mail boxes lately. Just a couple years ago we’d be lucky to get 10 letters a week, now days, especially in the last few weeks, you guys have been going absolutely nuts! We appreciate you taking the time out your busy days to shoot us some props, questions and hell ya even hate mail. So keep it come’n guys….


“Hello there, Nice day! This is Super Lai from Dong Yang Servo Power Model Co.,Ltd. Christmas is coming, do you need more supplies for the holiday sales? Say, some thing with high cost performance, such as our version2 upgraded servos, tiny 5g motors, 6A ESC, EC5, etc. Any news, reach me.
Cheers, Super”

Cubby– Ok folks, sometimes in the past I’ve edited emails from Chinese spammers to keep their real names and contact info out of the public realm. But the email above is 100% unaltered.

With that said, I wonder if Super Lai’s name is pronounced “Super Lay”, or “Super Lie”, or “Super L-owwwww”? And how about the name of the company, “Dong Yang Servo Power Model Co LTD”? Damn it, I was about to start up a new servo company and I was wanting to use Dong Yang. Maybe I’ll just have to settle with Yong Dang?

Truly, I just can’t get enough of reading really poorly translated Chinese to English, it makes my day.

Lastly, to Super Lay, if he is reading this, BigSquid does NOT stock anything, we have Zero inventory, the only thing we sell is advertising! So no, we are not low on supplies for the holidays. But, if you really feel the need to send us something, matching Hublots for all our staffers would be seen as both very kind and extraordinarily generous.


“hi brian, not impressed with your 4s lipo shootout. the turnigy lipo you used was completely the wrong pack, and it is unfair that it had a full 500mah or more less capacity than the others. i know it was a 40c, but as proven by your other lipo test, ratings are never what they seem. the 30c 5000mah packs are the ones to go for, or even better the newer super high C rating nanotech packs. i COMMAND you to re-do the test using this battery. turnigy batteries genuinely are as good or better than big brand batteries. if they were’nt as good a sbig brand packs, i wouldnt own 62 turnigy battery packs for my trucks, 4 of which are nanotechs, and three rhino packs and four zippy packs for my rc planes. the only problem ive ever had with them is puffing of batteries not used for a really long time, or connections breaking in really hard impacts.
really dissapointed with your review. its almost as if you are deliberately giving the turnigy poor ratings by using a lesser pack. dissapointed, rob.”

Cubby– And another email about the Lipo Shootout…

“I want 2 thank the u guys 4 doing lipo shootouts. U have a lot of guts 4 posting them. Your shootouts have helped me decide which batteries I now buy. I felt like I was blind when buying lipos before but now after your shootouts there is some solid information 2 help me out. I bought the Checkpoint after reading your last lipo shootout & it is a great battery just as u said it would be. I really appreciate all of your lipo shootouts.

Cubby– and another Lipo Shootout email…

“Hey Squid,
Your Lithium battery shootout totally rocked, when is the next one?
Larry Double D”

Cubby– Just an fyi to our readers out there, all of our shootouts generate a LOT of email. The first is a good example of one of the many of “pro-Turnigy” emails we received from Lipo Shootouts 2 and 3. Pretty much any brand that doesn’t win generates emails from loyal customers saying “My Brand X should have won!”. People are very passionate about their batteries, arguably more so than any other market segment.

The beauty to all of this is that- unlike the magazines, BigSquid isn’t afraid to do hardcore shootouts. Shootouts where we measure, then actually post performance results to the world. Shootouts where there is a winner, and someone will finish dead last. Perhaps even more beautiful is that- while the bulk of the email we got from our Lipo shootouts are positive, we have no problem posting negative emails, something else you aren’t going to see anytime soon in a mag. Hatemail is always more fun to read anyways.

So we’ve done a transmitter shootout, and 3 Lipo battery shootouts, so just what do we have in store next? Your suggestions are always welcome, let us know what you’d like to see. (I’m personally voting for a 4wd Short Course Shootout, Traxxas vs Jammin vs Ofna, we’ll see!)

That’s it for this week, send us your questions, comments and pup-tents to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

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