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ASK Cub Reporter, A Weekly Q & A Session, Version 04.21.2010

“What are the max. charge rates for the batteries used for this competition? 1C? 2C? 5C? Recharging time is a consideration for many users and may be the deciding factor between similar-performing brands.


We shot Bob a personal reply, but his is a good question that perhaps other readers would like the answer to. During the Big Squid RC Lipo Battery Shootout 2, the max charge rates for each brand were…

Hyperion- 5C
Common Sense- 2C
Ace- 2C
CheckPoint- 1C
Venom- 1C
Winforce- 1C

For those that may not know- assuming a Lipo pack is fully discharged, a 1C rate will take slightly over one hour to fully charge the battery, 2C slightly over 30 minutes and 5C slightly over 12 minutes (depends on your chargers CV rate).

That’s it for this week, shoot your questions to cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

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