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ASK Cub Reporter, A Weekly Q & A Session, Version 06.03.2010

Another week, and yet more fun with reader questions…

“This question is for Cub Reporter,Is it ok to rev my engine real high with the wheels off the ground?????
Xie Xie,

Cubby- What’s up “Wang”? Seriously, is that your name or did you just sign “Wang” on your email as a cheap joke? Either way, your question is a sound one that I’m certain many a noob has pondered.

You mention the word “engine” in your email, so I’ll assume you drive nitro. In a nitro engine, I’ve seen people break cranks and rods by revving their nitro burners too high with no load on their engine. Now personally I have tortured several nitro motors, mainly after a crash where the nearest marshal was texting with one hand and smoking with the other, so I’d give my buggy the death/panic rev to get their achtung, and I seemingly never hurt any of my engines. So perhaps YMMV with this one on nitro engines.

For you flashlight drivers out there, electric motors have a different set of issues. When you hit too high of an rpm, whether it be under load or not, you can ruin the bearings that support the rotor, or worst case, shatter the rotor from centrifugal force. Some brushless motors now days are good for nearly 100k rpm, others much less. On normal cell counts you might not have to worry about hurting your motor from too high of rpm, but on higher cell counts you might very well be able to blow it up.

And you’re welcome.


“Dear Sir

Browsing through the internet we find your contacts.

Happy Flower Racing were first introduced to the RC market at 2008, among all the RC On Road Cars manufacturers, Happy Flower is without doubt the youngest and the fearless. With the team of experienced engineers and technicians, plus the support of many subcontractors, Happy Flower boldly invest the time and money in the development of 1/8 On Road Car which is considered to be the most engineering demanding than any other scales and any other type of RC products. We are also in fact the first and only manufacture in the world today that produce 1/8 on road RTR version that open the doors to many entry level hobbyist who are keen but distance due to its technical difficulty.

After the first two years of strong support from global drivers and hobbyist, we are now entering our second phase of engineering development. The 1/10 On Road Car, competition is expected, judgment are anticipated and innovation is difficult, still Happy Flower will boldly go towards its destiny. Happy Flower will make RC products, continuing through the support of engineers, racers and hobbyist throughout the world.

Many thanks for your time of reading through this e-mail, please do refer attachment for your further reference of our product range.

You are most welcome to contact me whether in sales or technical aspect.
Best regard
Tom Cruse”

Cubby- Ya know Mr. Cruse, I really only liked two of your movies, Risky Business and one of the Mission Impossible flicks, not sure which one. Maybe the last one was a flop and now you are doing rc?

In response to your enthusiastically written verbiage, I must say I am working hard to enjoy the fruits of your fearless pursuit of maximum rc enjoyment. As I always demand optimal enjoyment out of my rc cars, I am surely on the edge of my seat visualizing the endless smile that your Happy Flower brand rc car will most surely permanently implant on my face. Happy Day to you Mr. Cruse, and may all your flowers smell better than the dumpster behind the Chinese joint down the street from me.


That’s it for this edition of “ASK Cub Reporter”, send all your nonsense to cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

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