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ASK Cub Reporter, A Weekly Q & A Session- Version 09.23.2010

Has it already been another week? Read on as I go through all our mail and grab a couple for the BigSquidRC front page. Here’s what I yanked this week…
“Dear Bigsquid,
After hours of researching on-line, I decided to buy a new HPI Vorza. My question is should I go with a 4S lipo or a 6S lipo?

Cubby– Nice pick on the Vorza Max, it handles well, has loads of power, and is very durable machine.

Now, should you go with a 4S or a 6S battery? In my opinion, a 4S Lipo battery will give you tons of power, in fact, plenty more than you can handle if you are an rc noob. You can expect around a 40 mph top speed on 4S, with insane torque off the line and over jumps.

What does 6S get you? Mainly more of the same, LOTS more. Going from a 4S battery in your Vorza to 6S will make it feel nearly twice as fast. It won’t actually be twice as fast, but it WILL feel that way. So while a 4S feels ridiculously fast, running on 6S will feel just plain stupid fast!

Now your typical “hard core” racer type will say “Don’t go with 6S because that is just too fast!”. My opinion is- we are driving toy rc cars, so run as much power as you want to. A 6S battery will make your new Vorza much harder to drive, but you can’t beat the smile you’ll be wearing because of it. With that said, 6S does come with its downsides. You will see much faster drivetrain wear, more broken parts, and hotter motor and speedo temps while running the higher cell count.

Or might I suggest you start off with 4S, and work up to 6S in a couple months? ­čÖé

In closing, I’ve given you the info, it’s your car, buy what you think suits you the best. The only thing that truly matters is that you have fun with your sweet new ride.


i read Bigsquid almost every day i just got a MGT 8.0 which is a 8cc nitro monster truck, do you think it is waterproof? thanks

Cubby– Hey ya Berney, thanks for the email, but quit slack’n and make sure you read BigSquidRC EVERY day!

Is the Associated MGT 8.0 waterproof? Great question. I’ve never owned or even driven one, so I placed a couple phone calls to attempt to find out. From talking to my bash’n crew guys, the answer I got from them was “NO!”, so there’s your answer. So what would it take to make it waterproof? Seal both the throttle and steering servos, seal the receiver, and do what you can to keep water from getting into the engine. Your best bet is to avoid as much water as possible with this one.


That’s it for this week. Shoot us your questions, comments, and whatever else is floating around inside that cranium of yours to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

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