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ASK Cub Reporter- A Weekly Q & A Session, Version 11.18.2010

Noobs, guru’s, it doesn’t matter, they all have questions….

“Hi, I would like to know what size Lipo you would recommend for the
Evader EXT2? I know I will have to add the LVC, but they say the rest is good to go
with a Lipo. I an new to Lipo technology and not sure how to size (20c,30c and so on).

Cubby– What’s up Robert? Thanks for the email.
First thing (and most important!) to consider when buying a new battery is fit. Check the dimensions of your battery tray and compare to the size of the battery you are looking at. If you are new, you’ll want a battery that drops right in without modification.

Second thing to consider in a new Lipo is how much voltage? A one cell Lipo is 3.7 volts, two cell is 7.4, and three cells is 11.1. The vast majority of Lipo’s sold for use in tenth scale cars are 2S 7.4 volt. This voltage works well for pretty much all stock electronics, and typically they drop right in without modification. Later, if you upgrade to a way-super-dope brushless system, you might want to consider a 3S 11.1 volt for some truly eye opening power levels.

Third thing to consider is- capacity. The higher the capacity of the battery, the longer your run times. Also, larger capacity cells typically hold higher voltage under load, making your truck faster than a smaller capacity pack. But, the higher the mah, the more they’ll cost.

About “C” ratings- I’d be more concerned about buying from a reputable brand name, than what “C” rating the battery is. Internet keyboard smashers loveee to argue about “C” ratings. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these “keyboard experts” have done little to none real world testing, they are just spewing what they’ve read on forums from other “keyboard experts”. Truth be known, some brands 30C packs are better than other brands 40C’s. But, that can’t be known until they’ve been driven and put under a West Mountain CBA, making it extremely difficult for an average consumer to know which is better. Thankfully, most of the better names relentlessly test their products to ensure they are putting quality cells into the marketplace. The better manufactures do all the testing so you don’t have to.

Now, to recommend a Lipo for your Evader, I’d go with the MaxAmps 2S 5250. You can find more info about them HERE!. These are good solid packs that give wheel popping power, and great run times. Enjoy!

“Hi, can you help me I am in california and need 5mm shaft (brushless) pinion
for 1/5 scale conversion. please ***/***/**** I am going to fontana speed
way. Greg H.”

Cubby– So you are venturing in to the world of 5th scale brushless. Awwww ya! I can smell the rubber in your tires burn’n from here. 🙂

Here’s a couple of links for ya Greg. These two companies are the leaders in the industry for large scale pinions.

The first is RC Monster. Mike and the RC Monster crew have their act together, and I’m certain can help you out with anything you might need. Click HERE for the site.

The second is our good buddies over at Kershaw Designs. Kershaw does a lot of work with large scale pinions, feel free to shoot’em an email. ClickHERE for Kershaw.


Well that’s it for this week, send us your questions, comments, rants and raves to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

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