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Hello Cub Reporter I have a question I stripped out the heads of two screws in the front skidplate on my T-Max how do I get them out?

John Denver
Hey now John, how’s that Rocky Mountain high going for ya? I didn’t realize they had email where you are now days. Or is your name John and you just live in Denver? Either way, getting out a screw with a stripped head isn’t hard. There are a few options here, with the most popular being a Dremel rotary tool with a cutting wheel used to cut a straight slot into the head of your screw, then you can use a straight slot screwdriver to remove it. If that won’t work in your case, another option is to use a left handed drill bit (with your cordless drill set to rotate counterclockwise) to back the screw out. The last “normal” option is to Dremel enough material away from around the head of the screw to where you can get a set of Vise-Grips on the head. Good luck, and remember- they call some planes experimental for good reason.



Guys I am looking for information on the best way to tune the engine in my Ofna Ultra LX One nitro buggy. It’s a @#$%^ pain in the a$$ to start.

SlikPuppy (I don’t even wanna know where you came up with that nicname), let me do you a HUGE favor. There is only one best way to tune your nitro engine- you hit it with a heavy sledge hammer that has been pre-tuned to resonate at 80 hz. Once the nitro engine has been crushed to bits, convert your buggy over to electric. There I’ve done it again, saved the world from another gashole. Have a nice day with a buggy that starts easily every single time, and you can thank me later.

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