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Ask Cub Reporter, Version 03.26.2010

Dear Cubby,

I enjoy reading your columns every week, but now I have a question for you. I have a VXL system in my Slash and after landing from a jump it doesn’t want to go forward anymore. What do you think is wrong?

Trans-Am Man

I had a Pontiac Trans Am one time. Mine was a bright red 95 version. I gotta give props to GM on that car, I drove that car like I stole it for 2 whole years with no problems (unless you consider balding tires a “problem”). Life was good with the t-tops off, just cruising down the highway listening to that glorious V-8 engine. Everyone should own some American muscle at some point in their life.

Oh, I guess you did ask an r/c related question. So you have a Slash and it rips hard with a way super dope brushless system in it. Or well, it used to rip, now it just sits. There are very few weak links on the Slash. The only truly nagging glitches are-

1. the shock caps love to pop off and coat the inside of the body with oil and
2. the stock spur gear likes to spit out teeth faster than Rufus The Stunt Bum.

Most likely you landed rear wheels first from a jump and knocked some teeth off your spur. Remove the screws that hold on the gear cover and have a look to see that I have certainly guessed correctly on this one. Lucky for you Slash spur gears are dirt cheap, so be sure and buy at least one spare while you are at your friendly LHS. 🙂


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