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Welcome back to this weeks ASK Cubby column. This week I present to you an early leader in the “email of the year” competition……

I bought my Alpha from microtechracing about 6 weeks ago and put it into my new EU took time to run it in on bench and track following instructions,, when to my horror the engine blew in the middle of the straight at torbay this sunday on inspection it looks like the conrod but will know more once stripped, every one at the meeting was shocked as many have bought the green alpha and some have the gold one as well so they eagerly await your comment as do i, this car driven by my very talented 9 year old had won three trophies the day before and was lying 7th on the grid in the a final with 2 qualifying heats to go of the swords, he was well in the lead on the 3rd and bang the engine went, he and i were devestated and so were many others our day was ruined and the weekend was ended on a sour note,
so what have you experienced with this issue so far, i might add that my son is a top driver and most people who beat him are top adults no kids, he lapped the rest of the field twice in frankley a few weeks ago with this car and engine racing all kids in a junior competition with the first time on this track so we know what we are on and we are very dissapointed, try telling a 9 year old he cant race the finals because his brand new engine has broken, neede to add al that so you know where i am coming from, we al eagerly await your comments, we all eagerly await to see what you as the importer is going to do about my predicament, i have not yet spoke to microtech but will do i had been advised to speak to you first by some sponsored drivers, yu might say what is this customer actually wanting to hear, well i would like you to replace the engine or at least the parts or come up with something good to win my custom and confidence back and i might add many others are going to ask the question, what do i tell them, i look forward to your reply or call me on ********

Many Thanks”

Cubby– Wow, that’s a lot to wrap my head around, but I’m stoked you are eagerly awaiting my comments. LOL.

So your kid was hauling a$$ and then his nitro engine go boom? Why do I not find that surprising. You see, I’ve been a long time electric racer, and for good reason. With electric you just plug it in and either goes, or it doesn’t, none of this half a$$ stuff that nitro likes to pull on ya. And, if my electric burns up half way through the race, at least it leaves a big cloud of smoke hovering over the track, which is a cool show for me to watch, and something for a bunch of marshals to start yelling “DUDE YOUR CAR IS ON FIRE!!” at the tops of their lungs, which is always great fun to hear while on the drivers stand.

Anyways, I have nothing to do with Alpha, or Microtechracing, but if that engine did come from me, I’d tell ya you should have known better than actually buy a nitro engine from an electric guy like me. But, I’d so totally hook your 9 yr old kid up with a full electric factory drive, because he so totally sounds like the fastest kid to hit an rc track since Dakota Phend.

Finally, a warning- if I hear about you making that kid drive nitro again, I’ll be forced to find, then thrash you. Remember- friends don’t let friends drive nitro.


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