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ASK Cub Reporter, Version 07.07.2010

Yes indeed, another week, another edition of ASK Cubby. Btw, as I was walking down the halls of the ultra luxurious BSRC offices last week, one of my co-workers had the nerve to say, “Cubby, all the questions you post can NOT be real can they?”. Well folks, yes indeed they are. Truth is stranger than fiction, even the Cubverse.


“I am looking for shock covers for my redcat racing rampage MT 1/5 scale truck. I am looking for the 4 shocks and the air filter cover also. If you need to know I am in Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406

Cubby– Hummmm…….. Where do I even begin here? First off, I feel sorry you actually busted out your wallet and paid good American money for a Redcat. I only say this because every time I see a Redcat at the track, it’s broke, usually in more than one spot. Also, the owner of the broken truck typically has a “I am SO F#$%^d” look on his face because he knows spare parts are gonna take months to get.

Anyways, I am glad you are looking for shock covers and an air filter cover, but don’t come looking for them from me because I don’t have’em. Who do you think I am, I think not. Give that giant hunk of steaming s^$! Redcat to the a$$hole neighbor next door, then go out and buy a decent rc truck.


“Who proof-read the Blitz ESE review? There are so many grammatical mistakes in the first few paragraphs that I couldn’t read it anymore and just clicked away.
I love the site and everything, but come on, please get an editor!

Cubby– Ya know, we get between 1 to 5 of these emails a week, so I figured it was about time to post one. In fact yes we do have an “editor” of sorts, but honestly he’s too busy jump’n cars off the roof to really read anything. Additionally, yes, we hired a “proof reader” of sorts that I’ve written about in a previous ASK Cubby column. While her job is to proof read, I don’t even know if she can read at all. All I know is she makes a damn fine cup of coffee, she looks really hot, and she isn’t a big fan of wearing bras in the summer. I guess I could proof read what I write, but quite frankly I am far too lazy to do it. 🙂


That’s if for this week folks. Send all your questions, ruthless bashing, iPhones hacks, and pictures of naked farm animals to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

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