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It’s about time we get back to some actual rc questions don’t ya think? So here we go….. Dear Cub,

How do I glue up new tires on my Nitro 4Tec?

Cubby– Oh geezuss, here we go, another person that has only owned RTR’s and has zero clue on how to work on anything. If lil’ Jeremy had ever built a kit, he’d already have this knowledge in hand. Ya know, RTR’s sure are convenient, but us long term guys knew they were going to dumb down the hobby.

Anyways, even a brain dead lab monkey can glue tires, and it’s really pretty self explanatory. You mount up the tires the only way they will fit, then glue the rubber tires to the rims where they touch. HERE is a short vid from the good guys at Pro-Line to get you going.

Actually, gluing tires can be a bit complicated. Some tires are directional, some have a lot of mold release on them that needs to be removed before the glue will work properly, and there are tons of tricks to be done with the rims and inserts. Jeremy, watch the vid then I’d suggest the best way to learn is how I did, by just going for it and making a few mistakes here and there.

This is for Cub Reporter
What would you recommend as a servo for my new Associated RC10B4.1?
I read your column every single week.

Cubby– LOL, “Skeeter” has to be the funniest “name” ever, you guys are killing me. I can appreciate the humor of coming up with funny names and all, but Dayyumm. Thanks for sending in a question “Skeeter”, but please keep all bodily fluids to yourself. Thanks, all I can think of right now is THIS.

What was the question? Oh ya, a good servo for a B4. LOL

The AE B4 doesn’t require much in the way of torque, 80 oz or more will slam those little front tires with authority.

Hitec used to never get any love, but that’s changed in the last few years. Instead of being know more as the brand to buy when looking for “affordable” servos, they are now the brand to buy period. Their moderately priced gear is very good, and their uber stuff is the best money can buy. So here’s my recommendation- the Hitec HS-965MG. It runs about 70 bucks, has a tough metal gear set in it, has .13 speed, and over 100 oz of torque at 4.8 volts on input. I’ve used this servo and it’s a great combo of price, toughness, and performance. And it’ll also work great when you put it in a short course truck, which is just a matter of time. 🙂


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