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ASK Cub Reporter- You Email the Questions, I Make Up Horrible Answers, Version 02.10.2011


I’m glad you guys decide to do shoot out with products. It’s been commented in many forums with great appreciation.
For the next Transmitters Shootout I would like to suggest the FS-GT3B. Seems to be a big bargain as it performs very well and cost very low. I have one and love it.
Congrats and good luck
from Brazil

Cubby– Yo hey, what’s up Daniel?

For those readers that may not know, the FS-GT3B that Daniel is referring to is a low buck transmitter from FlySky sold on HobbyPartz. It’s 2.4 gig and totally crazy look’n. Spock could only wish to have had a phaser that looked so way super dope.

And yes, we’ve got another transmitter shootout coming your way this spring. I’d personally like to see just the high end product grouped together going at it, but we are getting a lot of emails saying they’d rather see a low buck shootout. I have to admit, it would be cool to see how the FlySky stacks up against other transmitters under a hundred smackers.

Thanks for reading Daniel, and hope your F1 boyz Rubens and Felipe both have great 2011 seasons

its me simon again.
i am looking into bajas or similar do u know were i could get one for under 600? and i was wondering is there a difference in the redcat rampage and the hpi
baja b?
thanks simon

Cubby– Hello Simon, we always dig getting your emails here at the office. You are core basher for sure.

Where do you buy a HPI Baja 5B for under 600 bucks? Well… even with your Tower Super Saver card you aren’t gonna find a new one that cheap. So…. where are you gonna find a used Baja 5B for under 600? Even used Baja 5B’s hold their value pretty well, so 600 isn’t gonna be easy, but I’d first search on your local Craigslist, then start hitting the bigger “for sale” forums on the net (like the ones on RcTech, RCU, etc).

What’s the difference between the RedCat Rampage XB and the HPI Baja 5B? One breaks into a pile of rubble and the other does not? LOL… But seriously, RedCat seems to have cool people working for them, but from what I’ve seen first hand in the field, their product sucks. Save up the xtra bucks for the HPI version, I can personally attest to it being ridiculously tough. (Video evidence of that HERE!)

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I look forward to your reply.

Cubby– Miles, thank goodnesssssss you wrote in. I’ve been looking for someone to write “THE Cub Report” and the “ASK Cub Reporter” columns for me. Tell ya what, I’ll make you one heck of a dealio. You bust out those two columns each week and I’ll cut you a big phat check for 20 crisp American dineros. And no, you don’t have to know anything about the rc hobby, feel free to just make up as much stuff as ya want, I know I do. The only thing that is imperative is that they are sit’n in Brian’s email box on time. I got a good vibe here, I think this is gonna work out well for the both of us.

Btw Miles, how much does it cost to insure an HPI Vorza? I taco’d one out last weekend and would really like to just have an insurance company buy me a new one. Shoot me a quote anytime, and thanx in advance homeskillet.
/sarcasm off

WTF does “taco a chassis” mean? I saw it on your site a couple times now and don’t know what that means. It has to be slang for something?

Cubby- Hummmmm……… this could be fun to answer.

So Ralph, have you ever owned an rc with a metal chassis before? Ever bash it hard, I mean REALLY hard? Ever jump it off the roof of your house (a 2 story at that)? Ever hit a curb WFO on 6S? Ever enter a jump contest and hit the ramp at a really bad angle and ended up hitting pavement from 20+ feet high?

Well….. if you’ve done any of those things chances are you’ve bent your metal chassis real bad- like bent it upwards in the front, or the rear, or both. Typically you bend one end up on a bad hit, then you keep on driving/jumping/hucking and bend the other end, but you can do both at one time if you try hard enough. A taco’d chassis is when you look at the truck/buggy from the side view and the chassis is bent into a “U” shape that looks like a taco.

Btw, in house I’d have to say that Brian is the taco king, as he has fubar’d more chassis’s the last 12 months than Wrench, Jim, Jason, Jeff and I have combined.

That’s it for this week folks. Feel free to fill our email box to the brim with your questions, bash stories (truth or lies, but the truth is always stranger), death threats and old toenail clippings. The addy is Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

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