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ASK Cubby, 01.01.2015, Version- Your Drunk Questions, My Sobering Answers

“Vaterra Halix

My son got a Vaterra Halix for Christmas and is loving it so far! Unfortunately he broke one of the stock rear cambers yesterday and in looking for a better replacement, I came across your Halix hop-up series. It was exactly what I was looking for! I’m planning on doing parts 1, 4 & 5 while I’m replacing the stock camber. If there’s any other upgrades that you suggest that isn’t in the series let me know! Also, I was wondering how to get a BSRC sticker pack?

Sam D.”

Cubby- Well Happy New Years Sam, your email has just been named “Letter of the Month” and we’ll be sending you a brand spank’n new BSRC t-shirt. We’ll slip a few stickers in with your shirt to make sure your son’s Halix is the coolest one at your local bash spot.

Thanks for the props on the Vaterra Halix Hop-Up Series, we’ve received numerous letters telling us how it helped people out. Sadly, even we run out of time, so while we would like to do more articles in the series, it’s not looking likely.

Just FYI, we ended up running a Castle Creations Mamba Max Pro SCT with 2400kV 1415 motor in our Halix (which we still drive on a weekly basis). The long can 1415 has an enormous amount of torque, this gives the Halix crazy wheelie power (and standing backflips) and acceleration. Its relatively low kV helps to keep temps down while making it easy to drive on 2S, but we normally pop in a 3S pack and drive it like we stole it.

So… are there any other issues to address on the Halix? Our hop-up articles really cover most of the bases. We never experienced many issues with stripping out the stock 48 pitch spur, but others have and some of them have gone to using the Robinson Gen 3 32 pitch spur gear set-up. The only other problem that we have encountered is breaking the shock tower mounting tabs off the diff cases. This only happens during the most severe of bashing, but when it does, it takes some time to remove the diff case and install a new one. Unfortunately, there is not an aluminum option part to help strengthen up the area.

Overall- once you install the MIP CVDs and Traxxas tie-rods the Halix is truly a beast. Have fun with it and shoot us some pics if ya get a chance.


I just wrote to you and, after I finished the email, I realized a burning question that I need to know an answer, if you know. I am looking for a set of hex wrenches that are as bullet proof as I can find.. I’m sick and tired of breaking tips on cheap shit that I buy from the likes of Amain or Integy.. I’m not saying that they sell crap BUT!! I’m just tired of it and would like to know if there is a set, from your experience, that is better than the run of the mill stuff???

Thanx again……Steven W.”

Cubby- Hey ya Steven, thanks for the email and be sure to shoot us your snail mail for the hook-up on a BSRC sticker pack.

Yes, there are a lot of junk tools out on the market like the ones from A-Main and Integy. However, there are also some serious duty tools for people who just want to buy them once, not once per year.

My personal favorite hex drivers come from MIP. The tips on the MIP hex drivers are super sharp, which helps on slightly stripped heads, and the tips last a very, very long time. For example, I’ve been using my current MIP 2.0 for roughly 5 years. I’ve pretty much used it every single day and the tip still performs like NEW. Smaller sizes, like lets say an .050, are prone to simply snapping off on cheaper brands, but this is not the case with MIP. Even the .050 MIP can take some serious torque and remain intact. The MIPs do have one downside, they do not have colored handles. Colored handles allow you to grab the correct size from a mere glance, but now days the MIP do come with colored sleeves which do help eliminate that problem. The MIP aren’t cheap, nor are they crazy expensive, you can click This Link to find out more about them.

I also have another favorite set, those from RPM. The RPMs are more affordable, come with colored handles, and their tips are also crazy strong. I don’t like the feel of their grip quite as well as the MIPs, and last I heard they are being disco’ed so they might not be around much longer, but if you are looking for a premium tool at a rock bottom price the RPM units are what you want. Right Here is the link to the RPM wrenches.

Hey, that’s it folks, you’ll have to tune in again next week for more Q & A. If you’d like to submit a question you can shoot me an email at Cubby at If your letter makes the big time we’ll ship you a totally gnarly sticker pack, if I proclaim yours as the “Letter of the Month” you’ll be wearing one of new uber-cool t-shirts.

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