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ASK Cubby, 01.08.2015, Version- Hooray For Email

“ARRMA Kraton Review

Hello. Sorry to bother you, but I noticed that you guys did a Mini-Review of the ARRMA Kraton which i enjoyed reading and i was wondering if you guys plan on doing a full review of the truck anytime soon? You guys have the best reviews around so it would be awesome to get a more detailed review of the truck. Thanks for your time.


Cubby- Hola Sethro and big ups for the email. Because you just made the big-time shoot us your snail mail for a sweet BSRC sticker pack.

We ended up doing a “mini-review” on the ARRMA Kraton because we were extremely limited on time. Now we’ve moved on to the “Mod it out” phase, with phase one being Upgrading The Stock Electronics. Step two is nearly finished, this is where we are throwing on some uber wheels/tires/body and doing a write up to show the results, as well as step-by-step instructions. So no, don’t expect a longer review on the Kraton, but do expect a whole series of hop-up articles.

Peace and love, peace and love…

“Vaterra Raptor Extended Body Mounts

I have just recently purchased a Vaterra Pre-Runner Raptor. I love this RC but since i was a (noobie) i had no idea that hop ups were rare and scarce. On top of this i purchased a Pro-line Desert Raid Body and im only now realizing that of all of the Pro-line extended body mounts, NONE of them fit or work. I couldnt think of anywhere else to turn to but Big Squid since you guys are..AWESOME lol. PLEASE HELP ME FIND EXTENDED BODY MOUNTS or do a nice hop up review like you’ve done with the Vaterra Halix. My sanity will thank you


Cubby- Yo hey Joe, thanks for the email and for being a reader of BSRC, shoot us your snail mail for your free sticker pack.

About extended body mounts for the Vaterra Ford Raptor

As you probably already know, the Raptor sits on the same platform as the Hälix. And no, we haven’t tried to install longer body posts on our Hälix (so I can’t just give you part numbers), but here is where being a real hobbyist comes in. Nobody makes an extended body mount set for the Vaterra so you’ll have to make your own. This is where having a good local hobby shop is critical. A good LHS will carry dozens of different body mounts from touring cars to monster trucks. Simply take your Raptor in and try a few out, with any luck you’ll find one that you can make work for your application. The Raptor/Hälix doesn’t use a crazy diameter on the actual body posts, so I’m certain you can find something that will work. I mean, if Adam The Intern can make due by using Palmolive dishwashing soap for shock oil (his shocks smell incredible btw), you can certainly find some longer body posts. However… if you don’t have an LHS you are faced with either hitting up a bunch of forums for more info, or ordering in a couple sets that you think might work and learning from there.

Best of luck and shoot us some part numbers when you get it figured out so we can pass along the info when others write in.

Hey, I’m all done for the week. Should you be crazy enough to write in, Cubby at is the email addy you want. I highly doubt you’ll ever see your letter on our front page, but should it happen to beat the odds you’ll get a free sticker pack. Even better, if I proclaim your email as “Letter of the Month” we’ll shoot ya out one of our new high-zoot t-shirts.

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