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ASK Cubby, 01.22.2015, Version- Ask A Simple Question, Get A Snotty Reply

“ProTek R/C 170T Chad Bradley Team Edition
Hey Guys,

I was wondering if you or any of the guys at Big Squid RC have any experience with the ProTek R/C 170T “Chad Bradley Team Edition Servo?



Cubby- Hola there Pat, congrats on hit’n the big time, shoot us your snail mail for your BSRC sticker pack.

Sorry homeskillet, we have not reviewed that particular servo, so we can give you absolutely zero first hand information. About the only info I can give ya is this- about a year ago an industry type shot me a ProTek servo to “try out”. It was one of their higher-end units and I was basically told to try it and see how it stacked up to another brand (not for review, just a personal test). Unfortunately I was unable to get any driving in with it, the unit I received had issues off the start. For some reason it made a lot of noise and was glitchy when turning to left (but was fine to the right).

If you are looking for an uber-high-zoot servo, here are some units that I am currently recommending. The Futaba BLS371SV ($159) is a very high-end brushless servo that has good power and is impressively smooth. The Xpert WR-4401 ($99) is also brushless, but is waterproof to boot. It is also incredibly smooth and has impressive speed. Last on my list is the one I have been using the most lately, the Hitec HSB-9360TH ($179). This is one of Hitec’s new brushless servos (the motor was designed by legend Steve Neu) and is truly an outstanding performer. You won’t go wrong with either of those 3 in most normal applications.

“Hey Cubby! My First Time Writing In
Hi Cubby,

Let me start by saying that I am probably one of the biggest fans of Big Squid, and have since leaving the US turned all my RC friends in Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong (which is where I now live) on to your website and they love it.

I know you guys do your own videos and reviews and not to take any of the spotlight away from what you do is Amazing!

I wanted to share an Unboxing & Review Video I made of The Revolve RC Workstation. The reason I’m sharing this is not to plug My YouTube Channel (but by all means do so ­čÖé but to share something that has just taken the pain out of wrenching on My RC’s and made it so much more enjoyable.

Have a look at My Video and I hope that this reaches all the folks in our Hobby that really could use something like this to make the Hobby more enjoyable. I am in no way affiliated to Revolve nor do I profit from any sales, i just think that this is a GREAT Product and the owner at Revolve (Randy) who I spoke to just made my decision so much clearer without being pushy. The experience and the product are both well worth it:

I hope this reached you.

A Majoristo Fan,

TAS (From Hong Kong)”

Cubby- Heyyyy now TAS, thanks for the kind words, make sure you shoot us your snail mail so we can give ya the hook-up on a BSRC sticker pack.

About your unboxing video…

Strike one was when I saw it was 19 minutes long. You see, to keep my attention to the 3 minute mark you better be eating babies while juggling cougars, to keep it to a full 19 minutes you had better show me something I’ve never seen before, EVER (and I’ve seen everything I can assure you).

So I did hit play on your vid. I see a pair of arms and hear some talking right off the start so I click to the minute mark. Same thing. I instantly click to the 10 minute mark. Same thing. I click to the 18 minute mark for about 2 seconds, then I was off on my merry way to the rest of the internet.

For the way I am wired, there is nothing anyone can tell me in 19 minutes that they can’t tell me in 3. I consider every minute of my life as precious, therefore I am unwilling to waste even a minute unless I am being well compensated for it. IMO, pretty much every unboxing video (regardless of product) is boring and a waste of my time. If I had done your unboxing vid it would have included a scantily clad hot chic and would have been about 2 minutes long, but that is just me.

However… we do have other staffers that enjoy the exact thing you put out. They get home from work, fire up their smart tv, and hit the Youtube app to watch the latest videos from the channels they are subscribed to. I get that they enjoy having a 19 minute unboxing video playing in the background while they are making dinner for their kids, but I personally can not do it.

Btw… if I can give you one piece of advice it would be to not listen to me (or anyone else for that matter), make your videos exactly how you want to. If they catch on great, if not, just like old blue eyes would say, at least you did it your way.

Peace and love, and shoot us any future vids ya do so we can keep up with ya.

That’s it for this week ya freaks. You can get a message to me at Cubby at Do not count on a reply as the amount of mail I receive is overwhelming (plus I am just plain lazy and hate reading email). However, if yours does hit my eyeballs and makes the front page here on BigSquidRC we will shoot you a free sticker pack, and if I proclaim yours as “Letter of the Month” you win a free BSRC t-shirt.

YOUR Cub Reporter

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