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ASK Cubby, 01.29.2015, Version- Answer Sling’n Fool

“Question – Pro-Line PRO-2 Performance Buggy

Hey Guys,

I recently got back into RC cars. It’s been a while since I build my Tamiya Frog. I’ve been using a couple RTR’s and I decided to build another car. Decided to go with the Pro-Line PRO-2 Performance 1:10 Short Course Buggy Kit.

I read articles on your site and wanted to say you guys do a great job. Always interesting content and reviews. May I suggest videos I’ve looked at your Pro-line conversion article several times, and I wish there was a video of the car running.

Since I will be building this ProLine kit, can you tell me what Xpert servo, and Castle brushless system you used? Or after you tested this car, is there something else you would recommend?

Thanks. Keep up the good work.

Cubby- Yo hey Chuck, you are really going to dig your new Pro-Line PRO-2 Buggy, have fun with the build (which is super easy).

It’s been a while since that review so I don’t remember exactly what we ran in the buggy. So here is what I’ll recommend to you. For a servo I would pop in an Xpert WR-4401 (.08 speed and 255 oz-in @ 6v). It is a buttery smooth brushless servo with great speed and more than enough torque for the PRO-2 Buggy. Oh ya, it’s waterproof for those accidental splashes at your local bash spot.

A Castle Creations SV3 Sidewinder combo with a 1410 3800kV motor works well. The SV3 is waterproof and the 1410 is arguably the best motor ever made. Gear appropriately and you’ll have solid power across the entire powerband with low temps and long runtimes.

About videos… we are absolutely behind the game for video here at BSRC. We really have two options, the easy route which is to put out crappy videos that are easy to do, or the hard route which is to do them right. As you can see we’ve chosen not to go the easy way. But do not fret kind sir, video is a major priority for us this year, hopefully we’ll get our video issues worked out soon.

“off-roading – life follows scale R/C?

Something you guys might find amusing:

“Jeep boss says all-new 2017 Wrangler off-roader could feature hybrid powertrain

“Jeep has admitted that it is considering hybrid technology as it prepares an all-new Wrangler for 2017.”

Seems to me that R/C “scalers” are ahead of the curve on this one! They’re already using

* battery power and electric motors
* lighter materials like carbon fiber and aluminum

I’ve never heard of an R/C hybrid – gas + battery – though I think I read of a locomotive like that being built for a large-scale (7 1/2″ gauge) model railroad years ago.


Cubby- Yo hey Len, ya know I still listen to “Steal My Sunshine” all the time, killer tune bro.

About Jeep doing a hybrid Wrangler (sacrilege btw)… there are certainly upsides to electric in full size rides, the same ones we enjoy here in the rc world. There is loads of torque, tons of raw power, they can be highly adjustable, and when done properly can be be a superior power system compared to gasoline. But… and there is always a “but”, electric has some major downsides in the full scale world, primarily range. And… and there is always an “and”, I am not personally a big fan of electric full size rigs. Charging up an electric car from coal or nuke power is just as nasty to me as using gasoline.

Btw, about rc scalers… by very definition they should be modeling their rigs as closely as possible to their full scale equivalents, not vice versa. In fact, scalers should be the guys running nitro/gas engines in their rigs to more closely emulate the real deal. Of course we all know why they don’t, our little nitro engines are a major PITA to keep running and their noise would get many of them kicked off their local trails.

And… that’s it for this week. Submit your questions/rants/rumors to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com. If your letter makes the front page you’ll get a BSRC sticker pack, and next week I am picking a “Letter of the Month” winner who will take home one of uber t-shirts.

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